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Review: Snail Repair Bling Cream

I will be totally honest: I have been hearing about these miracle 'snail creams', but have been very reluctant to try it! When I was given the opportunity to test out and review the Ronas Snail Repair Bling Cream, my hesitation still stood, but I figured, "why not"? So here it is, my first time dipping my toe in the snail cream pond! As with all of my product reviews, I used this lush cream for 30 days straight, in place of my traditional moisturizer. So, do you want to hear my take on this unorthodox product?


SKINCARE BY ALANA | RONAS SNAIL REPAIR BLING CREAM | SKINCARE | ANTI AGING | DARK SPOTS | WRINKLES | GORGEOUS SKIN | PRODUCT REVIEWFirst, I want to talk about snail slime as an ingredient . So, the name alone is enough to illicit a pretty strong reaction, but the suggested benefits are actually very nice! Snail slime is said to reduce redness and irritation, is deeply moisturizing, and helps to stimulate skin regeneration .

Now, moving on to Ronas Snail Repair Bling Cream: this product promises to prevent hyperpigmentation and dark spots, enrich, soothe, and moisturize the skin, and allow the skin to regenerate, all while remaining suitable for sensitive skin. This product was designed with dull, dry, mature skin in mind, so it is important to bear in mind that it was not necessarily geared towards my combo skin.

My Experience

I was very pleasantly surprised by this product! Despite being made for dull/dry skin types, this was not heavy on my skin, and moisturized well while remaining light. I did get to try this on my eczema, and it worked wonderfully to nourish the dry spot and clear it up! The product consistency was slimy, which could be a put off for some, but I found to be nice on the skin.

I will be totally honest: I did not experience any *miracles* when using this product. I was impressed with how nourishing it was, but I cannot say my skin looked any more radiant, or glowey while using it. Again, I have to wonder how this product would work for someone with more mature, dry skin. Given how nourishing it is, I could definitely see it providing more dramatic results.

Would I recommend this product? The answer to this question is yes! I was particularly impressed with how well this product nourished my dry skin, and how it was even able to quickly clear up my eczema . I also loved that this product smelled amazing, without being harsh on the skin!

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