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Product Review: Azure Naturals Ultimate C Skin Repair Serum

Whenever I hear about an innovative product, I simply have to try it! So when I got the opportunity to try out AzureNaturals Ultimate C Skin Repair Serum, of course I incorporated it into my skincare regimen. As most of my readers know, I am a huge fan of natural skincare products, and an even bigger fan of those which contain vitamin c as a main ingredient. So, without further ado, I would like to share my thoughts on this product with you!

Azure Naturals' Ultimate C Skin Repair Serum

AZURE NATURALS | AZURENATURALS | SKINCARE BY ALANA | SERUM | VITAMIN C | ULTIMATE C SKIN REPAIR SERUM | FACE | NECK | DECOLETTE | BEAUTIFUL SKIN | FINE LINES | WRINKLES | ANTI-AGINGA Bit About the Product - The Azure Naturals Ultimate C Skin Repair Serum was designed to help repair sun damage, gradually fade sun and age spots, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles on both your face and neck. The main purpose of this product is to give users radiant, beautiful, more youthful looking skin, and I can definitely say that this product delivered.

Key Ingredients in this product include:

Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Organic Aloe, Advanced Amino Complex

My Experience - I fell in love with the product while using it! I have been using this product for three months now, as I wanted to give myself time to see the full results of the product, and my skin is looking and feeling so amazing. My first, favorite thing about this product is the fact that a little goes a long way. I typically find myself going through serums rather quickly, since they are water-based and absorb quicker than most moisturizers and oils. This, however, delivered significant moisture with just a few drops, which is great!

The anti-aging benefits of this product are beautiful! I swapped out my usual serum with this one, and used it twice daily . Even with the first use, my skin felt very luxuriously and seemed to "glow". But the real results started to show at the end of week two, when my fine lines were difficult to distinguish and my skin tone was more even. This, combined with an SPF and eye cream make for a gorgeous complexion that doesn't require makeup; seriously. I have been enjoying a largely "au natural" summer in terms of facial makeup coverage, and have been opting for tinted sunscreens and translucent SPF powders in favor of foundation.

The final verdict? I adore this product, and will definitely be purchasing more!

About Azure Naturals - Azure Naturals mission is to provide premium quality facial skincare and anti-aging products using the finest natural and organic ingredients available, without the premium price or attitude! They use potent plants, organic ingredients, and 100% natural essential oils. They are committed to protect the environment and follow animal friendly practices. Their customers are looking for healthier and more youthful looking skin and they will endeavor to make sure each customer is 100% satisfied with their results. Azure Naturals solutions that they develop will always be designed around these elements. You can purchase this product from my store by clicking here


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