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Pink Grapefruit Makes You Six Years Younger

You probably know that pink grapefruit is healthy for you, as it’s a rich source of Vitamin C and cancer-fighting compounds. But did you know that pink grapefruit’s citrus scent can also make you appear younger? Alan Hirsch, neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, studies the link between smell/taste and physical, psychological, and emotional reactions. Hirsch tested various aromas like broccoli, cucumber, grape, and lavender to see what effect, if any, they would have on on the perception of youth – and only grapefruit elicited a positive response! The grapefruit aroma caused people to guess others to be about 6 years younger than their actual age. Several explanations are floating around as to why the smell of grapefruit causes this reaction – some believe the aroma relieves stress and makes people feel happy, thus judging others in a better light; others believe the smell jogs pleasant memories, clouding judgment. Whatever the case may be, grapefruit is not only healthy for you but can also make you look younger!

100% Pure uses only all-natural pink grapefruit essential oil and no artificial fragrance or flavoring, so you will get all the same healthy benefits of grapefruit and its delightful citrus aroma!

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