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Are Organic Skincare Products Worth It?

squareWhat’s the deal with organic skincare products? Do they work as well as regular products? Are they worth the price? It’s all so confusing! What's a girl to do!? Please allow me to guide you!

cornflower organic skincare products work great

What are organic skincare products?

Products labeled "organic" means chemicals weren't used during the growth/cultivation of a product. Lots of organic skincare products use organic ingredients in addition to chemicals. Read the percentages to find out just how organic your product really is. For more on reading labels, click here.

Should I use organic skincare products?

This is complicated question. If you have sensitive skin, organic skincare products are worth trying. Lots of clients who experience irritation notice an improvement after switching to organic skincare products. Secondly, while good organic skincare products do work, they are typically less aggressive than regular products. Trustworthy products safely use chemicals to quickly deliver powerful results. This is a good thing! But, if you are willing to wait, organic skincare products will naturally nourish skin without harsh chemicals. It’s a personal choice.

Do organic skincare products really work?

ilike organic skincare products work naturallyLet’s be real, we all want results! Organic skincare products that don't deliver are a giant waste of time and money. Here are a few that I've seen work:

Eminence Organic's entire line is amazing. My personal fav is the Biodynamic Cornflower Recovery Serum ($58). I'm shocked by the results! Even the barista at Starbucks, who sees me every day, complimented my skin! Clear Skin Probiotic Masque ($54) and Moisturizer ($58) deliver great results. Eight Greens Phyto Masque is like a salad for your face! Stonecrop Masque ($48) and Moisturizer ($64) firm and tighten all skin types. Biodynamic Recovery Oil ($76) soothes and treats skin naturally!

image great line of orangic skincare productsImage Skincare Ormedic is an organic and paraben free line. Try out the full line for $20. The Lip Enhancement Product is a top seller that organically plumps lips!

Ilike organic skincare products work great! The Glycol Medlar Rejuvenating Treatment ($68) and Nettle Exfoliating Wash ($64) are my personal picks.

There are makeup organic skincare products available, too! Eminence has a powder ($58) you wear under makeup. La Bella Donna Mineral Makeup and Dreamaquest Mineral Powders get the job done without harsh chemicals!

Well, I hope you feel "in the know" about organic skincare products! If you have any questions- just ask! I'm here to help!

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