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My Top 8 Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

The glorious days of summer are upon us!

Lazy days at the pool or beach, the simple pleasures of backyard BBQs, outdoor gatherings, and longer hours of daylight are ready to be savored.

And just as you begin swapping out your sweaters and warm jackets for shorts and swimsuits, this is also the time to switch up your skincare routine.

It’s time to go lighter and simpler; and to increase your SPF protection and hydrate!

If this all seems too simple, rest assured -- making a seasonal switch from cold to warm, even hot, weather doesn't have to be complicated.

And to simplify the process even further for you, I'm going to share with you some of my best secrets for beautiful summer skin.

No matter how hot the thermometer rises!

Simple Skincare Secrets for Gorgeous Summer Skin

My Top 8 Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

1. Exfoliate. I know I often sound like a broken record when it comes to exfoliation, but believe me, it's for an excellent reason.

True, you should be exfoliating year-round, but after the cold winter months, it'll work wonders toward refreshing your skin and keeping your pores clear.

Since most people's skin tends to be more oily in the warmer weather, regular exfoliation will help keep your skin bright and radiant.

2. Use a lighter moisturizer. During the winter months, your skin craves extra moisture as indoor heating can dry your skin. But when the warmer weather hits, those heavier moisturizers feel thick and greasy. They may even make your skin more prone to breakouts.

Warm weather increases your skin's natural oil secretion so a lighter formula is all you need to keep your skin moist and hydrated.

3. Don't forget sunscreen. Sunscreen is another one you hear me talk about all the time. While you should be using sunscreen year-round, during the summer months, when you'll be spending more time outdoors, poolside or at the beach, it's even more crucial.

You not only need to continue sunscreen use but most likely will need to apply it more frequently and use a higher SPF, especially when at the beach or poolside.

You may be able to get by with a lower SPF in the cold months, when you tend to be inside more, but with warm summer skies and our love of the sun, upping the ante on your sunscreen (and sunscreen reapplication) is a must.

4. Use a facial mask. During the summer, if you're prone to breakouts and oily skin, a facial mask applied a couple of times a week can help to keep skin clear and avoid clogged pores.

Let your skincare professional help you chose a mask suitable for your skin type. Dry skin benefits from a hydrating mask to increase your skin's natural moisture balance.

Oily skin will do great with a clay-based mask to pull impurities from your pores and leave your skin clean and breakout free!

5. Drink plenty of H2O. Drinking plenty of water is another hot button with me, as you probably know. Hydration is critical not only to keep your skin glowing and radiant but also to prevent headaches and dizzy spells.

The hotter the weather, the more hydration your body craves. Keep a water bottle handy during the day and replenish often!

6. Increase antioxidant intake. Free radicals are present in the environment from many sources, and believe it or not, the sun is one of them. Whether you get your antioxidants from diet or skin serums, or both, be sure to increase your daily intake as the weather warms. I am a HUGE fan of Image Skincare’s Prevention+ Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50 as it delivers great (yet lightweight) SPF protection, while delivering a healthy dose of plant stem cells and antioxidants to my skin (hello anti-aging!).

7. Use care with products that increase sun sensitivity. Some products, including many medications, can make your skin more sun sensitive. Retinoids, for example, increase the sun's effects on your skin and make you much more prone to burning.

When you're spending more time outdoors, in the sun, save the use of products such as retinoids for nighttime use, and be sure you use a powerful SPF sunscreen to protect your lovely skin during the day.

Ask your skincare professional or doctor if any of your products or medications tend to increase the sun's effects, and then adjust accordingly.

You can never use too much SPF! :)

8. Consider self-tanners and bronzers over sunbathing. Gone -- hopefully! -- are the days when we headed to the beach with our towel, a good book, and a bottle of baby oil. Yes, people used to do that! And I, for one, hope that trend is over once and for all.

As much as you may love the look of sun kissed skin, tanned skin is damaged skin. Self-tanners today are head and shoulders above what they once were. It is possible to get a gorgeous bronze glow without the damaging effects of the sun.

One type of formula I have been loving: self-tanner towelettes. Tan Towel Full Body is a great option (and a 2016 New Beauty Awards winner). It gently exfoliates while it tans, for a smooth, even glow. And it dries super fast.

If you prefer a bronzer, consider Glo Minerals Bronze, for a beautiful sun kissed face. One of my favorites!

Your skin can be gorgeous any time of year. All it takes is some simple skincare tweaks when the mercury rises to ensure that your skin is always healthy, radiant, and beautiful -- no matter what the weather brings.

Your turn! What are some of your favorite skincare routines to keep your summer skin beautiful?


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