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Get Ready for Mother's Day!

mothers day kate hudsonMother's Day is almost here! Shopping for the women in your life might feel like... well, a pain. Does it seem like she already has everything she needs? The trick is finding out what she wants! It's all about making her feel special, appreciated and loved. Have no fear, I've created a list of items even Kate Hudson could give Goldie Hawn!

mothers day perfumePerfume

Perfume is a shoe-in. Why? No sizes! No need to stress over buying too big and sending the wrong message or buying too small and having to return. A great fragrance looks good on every woman! With spring here, my guess is she is already wanting to try something new. Stick with a lighter floral or fruit scent over a heavy musk since most people sweat more in warmer weather. If you aren't sure what she'd like, Lollia Sweet Hearts Parfum Set ($54) comes with six different scents! They are great for her purse or for traveling. Impress her with these tips for making the scent last!


A shoe-in. Flowers are beautiful, smell great, and brighten up a space. If you are wondering if you should give some for Mother's Day, you should. If you have kids who want to get something for their mom, go on a hike and have them collect flowers for a handmade bouquet. Free, fun and time to bond with your son or daughter. All around win!

mothers day candleCandles

Another sure bet is a fragrant candle. Bring the romance of the islands home with the exotic fragrances of the Fiji Islands ($15.95). These hand poured candles are made with locally harvested natural beeswax. If you can't surprise her with a plane ticket to the tropics for Mother's Day, this is the next best thing!


As a wife and mom, I can tell you right now, I would love a night off from cooking and doing dishes for Mother's Day! Whether this means you take her out to her favorite restaurant or grab the kids and make (AND CLEAN UP) a meal for her at home, she'll totally appreciate it! Trust me:)

mothers day moisturizerMoisturizer

I'm assuming most men won't understand this, but there is something wonderful about using a rich and luxurious moisturizer. You feel like a million bucks! Wrap up some Epicuren After Bath in Orange Blossom or Kukui Coconut and she will thank you! I promise.

Spa Treatment

Last, but certainly not least, a mom will never turn down a spa treatment. A facial or massage will leave her feeling cared for and refreshed. And we all know happy moms make happy homes! If you are in the Orange County area, send her into my Day Spa for well-earned pampering!

May 13th will be here before you know it! Remember, we offer free shipping and GIFT WRAP. We also have free gifts with purchase right now so you can throw those into mom's gift or keep them for yourself;) So easy! Happy Mother's Day!

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