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Longer, Thicker, Fuller Eye Lashes, Two Minutes

My sister Lindsay is an esthetician here at my day spa, since my new baby has been keeping me busy, she wanted to share with you ladies how she does her lashes in two minutes. SO MANY PEOPLE ask me how to get lashes that look huge instantly, it’s a better option for a lot of people as opposed to lash growth products and serums that can take months. Or, you are tired of using drug store products that boast empty promises through TV commercials and movie stars? Don’t you just hate paying for these products, when you know you are just paying for the cost of advertising the product on TV? So here is how she does it. By the way, I had to travel to Italy to find come of the lash extender products she uses, it was not an easy task. It only takes 3 products, and two minutes. By the way, you can click here to watch her video.

My favorite new curler for a professionally curled Lash: Model in a Bottle Eyelash Curler

Only $9. Check this thing out! It does not look like your average curler, right? Once you use the Model in a Bottle Eyelash Curler, you will never go back. I use it every morning. Feel free to use heat, and to press longer, like 10 seconds, a few times repeated if necessary, until you have the perfectly curled eyelash! Click here to see more info about the Model in a Bottle Eyelash Curler.

Use Blinc Kissme Mascara Black, Waterproof Mascara that Coats your lashes

Have you heard of this stuff? Its amazing! It is my favorite mascara, I use it every morning, and it is waterproof. It forms a tube around your eyelash, that is waterproof. Great for the active woman, and don’t worry, the tubes will pull off at the end of the day if you just apply a warm wash cloth. Although they have other colors, black is my preferred. If you tend to have really brittle eyelashes, I would say stick with your favorite mascara as an alternative. Blinc Kissme mascara is reasonably priced at $25, and lasts surprisingly long if you use it everyday. Click here to see more info about the Blinc Kissme mascara.

Here is the Real Beauty Secret from Italy: Divaderme Lash Extender

Yes, I had to travel to Italy to try it. Ok, so no one necessarily minds traveling to Italy anyway right? Yes, this is revolutionary stuff. The Lash extender contains millions of tiny hairs, that will bond together around your mascara, to make your lashes build to look longer, thicker and wider and NATURAL. YES, IT WORKS. And it is easy to use, don’t let the millions of tiny hairs thing freak you out. Check out the before and after in the video. ALSO, you can use the mascara and lash extender product again as many times as necessary to get the desired look! So do it up! It runs for 22.99. Click here to see more info about the Divaderme Lash Extender from Italy. Wipe away any excess hairs with a regular makeup brush. You are good to go!


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