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Let’s Prevent Those Wrinkles!

Wrinkles: A word that is terribly dreaded by women. Once we reach that age that goes beyond the calendar, we start to worry about the appearance of wrinkles. Preventing wrinkles is effective, easier, and a lot cheaper than actually curing it. Ideally, we would all start caring for our skin the proper way at an early age. Having a disciplined skin care routine, starting from the teenage years, will help the skin stay wrinkle free for longer. That means religiously cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the face and neck area in the morning and in the evening. The earlier we start to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, the better.

Here are some tips for wrinkle-free skin:

· Water, water, water. Drink plenty of water. Sufficiently hydrated skin brings out the youthful glow. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

· Cleanse your skin but do not over cleanse. Be sure to use light cleanser in order to avoid the skin being stripped of natural oils. Epicuren’s Gelle Cleanser is a great, light cleanser to try!

· Wear sunscreen everyday. Use moisturizers that have SPF to combat the sun?s harmful rays that cause wrinkles. The hotter the sun is, the higher your protection should be.

· Only use facial toner when you have spots. Facial toner is excellent for removing dirt but it could also get rid of oils, thus leaving dry skin which is prone to wrinkle attack. My favorite toner is Epicuren’s Brazilian Propolis Mist, try it!

· Last but not least, stop frowning! Whenever you frown, your facial muscles exert a lot more effort compared to smiling. This can cause deep-set wrinkles to start appearing. So always wear a smile on your face.




That is great to hear! We all love our skin care products!

alana @ 2011-01-18 8:19am

You know my little secret is Roche Posay’s sunscreen – I where it every day and it is phenomenally good. I’ve got no wrinkles!!!! Woohooo

Tia Kansara @ 2011-01-16 2:40am

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