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Kim Kardashian Loves Tria's Hair Removal Laser

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite beauty discoveries: Tria's Hair Removal Laser. Which also happens to be a favorite of the beautiful Kim Kardashian. If you haven't read into laser hair removal, I'd say now is definitely the time to tune in! This fabulous technology allows you to remove unwanted hair growth permanently, and with Tria's Hair Removal Laser, you can do that from the comfort of your own home! Yes, it is totally safe. Read more to find out.

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What Is The Tria Buzz About?

KIM KARDASHIAN | TRIA HAIR REMOVAL LASER | 4X | AT HOME HAIR REMOVAL | LASER HAIR REMOVAL | EASY HAIR REMOVAL | SKIN | BEAUTIFUL SKIN | SKIN CARETria Hair Removal Laser is the only FDA cleared laser available for home use, and let me tell you, the results are absolutely amazing! Users can expect to see up to 70% reduction after just two treatments, finer and lighter regrowth of hair after 2 to 3 months of treatment and after 3 months of treatment hair follicles that have been deactivated by this point will have stopped growing hair. You can continue to use this fabulous system for touch ups or until all shaving or waxing is no longer needed. Yes, you heard me: no longer needed. It also comes with an easy guide to help you feel confident that you are using it right!

How To Use

KIM KARDASHIAN | TRIA HAIR REMOVAL LASER | 4X | AT HOME HAIR REMOVAL | LASER HAIR REMOVAL | EASY HAIR REMOVAL | SKIN | BEAUTIFUL SKIN | SKIN CAREPrepare Skin and Laser: Cleanse, shave, and dry your skin in order to allow the laser to work on the hair located inside the follicle, right under the surface of the skin. Proceed to turn the Tria Laser 4X on and unlock the laser by locating the red sensor at the base of the device and holding it against the area of skin you’d like to treat. This enables the laser to suit your skin tone.

Begin Treatment: Some users feel a sensation of a rubber band snapping on the skin and others feel a warm, prickling sensation. Begin the treatment at a low level such as levels 1 or 2 and increase by one level at a time until you have reached the highest treatment level that is most comfortable for you. Keep in mind, the higher the level, the faster and better results you will receive.

Apply Laser: Locate the area you wish to treat and place the laser tip flat onto that skin area. Hold the laser in place until you hear two beeps. After hearing these beeps, simply lift and place the laser tip slightly overlapping the area skin area you just treated. You should overlap the previous area by about ¼ inch. Make sure to use the new Pulse Counter located on the digital display of the Tria Laser 4X in order to achieve the best results.


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