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Introducing: Rhonda Allison’s ChronoPeptide A

Rhonda Allison has produced yet another fabulous product with her new ChronoPeptide A, a revolutionary anti-aging, skin rejuvenating treatment!

First things first, for those of you that are new to the Skincare by Alana family, and/or are not familiar with Rhonda Allison products, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you! Rhonda Allison is a definite favorite here at Skincare by Alana! Rhonda has over 30 years of industry experience (though you wouldn’t guess it by looking at her!), and has done the research and development necessary to provide her clients with only pure, fresh, and natural ingredients. Rhonda Allison puts a huge emphasis on natural ingredients, offering amazing quality skin nutrition for those seeking help and maintenance. Her dedication and fabulous quality have me using and recommending Rhonda products to many of my clients!

Skincare by Alana is proud to bring you the latest addition to the Rhonda Allison Family, ChronoPeptide A.Rhonda Allison’s ChronoPeptide A

Utilizing intelligent ingredients, this product offers 24-hour pro-youth benefits, such as: brighter looking skin, collagen synthesis for firmer, more toned skin, and exfoliating rejuvenation. The powerful serum also utilizes retinaldehyde, a stable and less irritating precursor to retinoic acid, which stimulates significant regeneration and provides anti-inflammatory benefits! And, of course, to put a cherry on top, this product works well on all skin types, including photo-aged, acne-prone, and sensitive!

Additional Benefits

So, some of you may be wanting a more detailed explanation of why I am so excited about this product! And I am definitely happy to provide that for you! :)

  • For starters, this product is a great antioxidant!
  • ChronoPeptide A provides antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial support for your skin!
  • ChronoPeptide A protects and strengthens dry and irritated skin, all while adding softness and soothing emolience!
  • This product works to revitalize stressed cells!
  • ChronoPeptide A activates epidermal and dermal cells, meaning improved cell renewal!
  • This product increases the production of hyaluronic acid, resulting in integral improvement in the skin’s surface!
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