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Introducing ExPürtise & a Q&A with Co-Founder A.C. Dotterweich!

Those of you who follow my blog know that I am a huge fan of two things: natural products, and products that deliver in the results department. So when I recently learned about a brand named ExPürtise, I was naturally intrigued! Co-founded by brothers A.C. and Justin Dotterweich, this product line boasts a bevy of high quality natural and organic ingredients fused with science to bring you beautiful results. The product line, which currently consists of three products, proudly offers formulations that are free of synthetic fillers and parabens, while remaining potent and effective. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce this brand to my readers, and to bring you this fabulous Q & A with Co-Founder AC Dotterweich!

Introducing ExPürtise & a Q&A with Co-Founder A.C. Dotterweich

Tell us about yourself! What is ExPürtise and what inspired you to create the line?

Thank you for inviting us to speak to your readers. We are so excited to introduce you to ExPürtise Scientific Skincare.

The inspiration for ExPürtise occurred when, after many years working in the skincare industry, we noticed a divide. Most anti-aging products are full of synthetic or petroleum based fillers while organic products lack suitable wrinkle-reducing ingredients. Consumers are left with an unnecessary choice, pure formulations vs. something that “just works” – we hear it all the time.

With ExPürtise you get the best of both worlds — no controversial ingredients or preservatives and the latest breakthroughs in skincare technology including peptides, antioxidants, enzymes, hydrators and botanical extracts.

I know that you co-founded this line with your brother. What inspired the two of you to go into business together?

Our shared experiences in the spa world really provided the inspiration. The catalyst was spending time as spa brand consultants and seeing our recommendations yield positive results in other’s businesses. We’re both entrepreneurs at heart and so it just came naturally. When you start a business you look for trustworthy partners with high levels of expertise who can help you achieve your goals. We have that in one another, in addition to being good friends and brothers.

Skin Inc. announced your launch in August 2015, noting that your line is "a synergy of nature and science". Can you explain what this means to my readers?

Certainly, we like organic and we’re about as organic as an anti-aging skincare line can be. You could say we have an “almost organic or near organic” philosophy. There just happen to be amazing, science driven active ingredients, sometimes lab derived or enhanced, that we couldn’t incorporate into our products if we were seeking the 100 percent organic label. The synergy of nature really means we’re using the best of both worlds in order to produce maximum results with purest ingredients possible.

Your line boasts high quality, effective ingredients and no synthetic fillers. Have there been any challenges in finding the perfect balance with this?

We have a very methodical approach when formulating ExPürtise products so our challenges center on taking the time to get it right. In many cases, we use 3rd party testing to verify the purity of our ingredients. This step is crucial and did take a considerable effort to establish a network of raw ingredient suppliers open to answering the tough questions.

Each ExPürtise product starts with certified organic ingredients then incorporates clinical levels of proven, age-defying active ingredients specifically selected to support healthy, youthful skin. All ExPürtise products are free of controversial ingredients like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, ethanolamines, nano particles, synthetic colors and synthetic fragrances.

What would you say is ExPürtise’s mission?

Our mission is to deliver the world’s most results-focused anti-aging products with the purest ingredients possible.

What are your personal favorite skin care ingredients and why?

We love peptides, the research is interesting and the results speak for themselves. Matrixyl Synthe'6 is our current favorite because it stimulates the skin in six different ways. Ingredients that protect skin’s stem cells and extend cell life are also very exciting, astragalus and globe daisy (globularia cordifolia callus culture extract) are our top picks.

How do you incorporate your line into your daily life? We would love to know your AM & PM routine! :)

(1) We use a gel cleanser (one we’re currently developing) (2) apply ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Serum (3) ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Treatment (4) ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum. Cleanse before bed and reapply ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Serum.

Any exciting news for the future?

Lots of exciting press coverage is on the horizon, in fact, we have some big news to announce next month so stay tuned. We are developing some exciting products, part of the ExPürtise Wrinkle-Relaxing & Purifying Facial that will debut later this year.


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