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How to tell if your mineral makeup is good for your skin and skincare!

First let’s do the water test! In this test the water represents our skin.

If the minerals are real, they will surface to the top.

If the minerals are not real, they will make the water murky, they will be absorbed by the water, or they will sink to the bottom which mean they will contain ingredients that will penetrate your skin, clog your pores, and are potentially damaging to your skin.

Second, lets do the finger test!

When you put your finger do the minerals stay on your finger?

After waiting a few seconds, see if the minerals stick to your finger, or absorb into your skin.

*If the mineral makeup sticks, your minerals are real!

*If they disappear, that means that they will be absorbed into the skin, and do not contain the real properties of mineral makeup!

Inorganic Demonstration:
When you mineral makeup stays on the surface of the water, it proves the ingredients are inorganic meaning they do not soak into your skin, keep your pores clean, prevent skin damage, and have incredible lasting power as a mineral makeup for your face and body. Most of these minerals also contain SPF, so they will be helpful in blocking out harmful UV rays.

Breakout Demonstration:
If your brand dissolves in the water, this proves it contains other ingredients and will penetrate the skin and put your skin at risk for allergy, acne, irritation and more. This can cause your pores to clog which opens up another can of worms, presenting aging problems and complexion problems.

So which makeup lines pass the water test? Well, if you have a loose foundation handing that claims it is a mineral makeup, give it the water test. I love La Bella Donna Loose Minerals, they pass the water test with flying colors, and it has proven to be a wonderful skincare makeup. But judge for yourself and let me know what you find. I sell a lot of makeup lines that can pass this test such as glominerals, youngblood, la bella donna, and colorescience. Keep in mind that most high quality cosmetics that are good for the skin contain a lot of Zinc Oxide as their base, and do not contain corn starch (Which is really bad for the skin). So check your ingredient list. Comment at the bottom of this blog and let me know if your makeup passes.

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