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How to Pick the Right Makeup or Cosmetics Color over the internet

Can it be done? Ladies, I received the following question from a loyal customer of mine, I thought you might all find this info useful, with regards to trying makeup colors if you can not try them in person. I get asked this sort of thing quite a bit, so enjoy!

Question: Hi Alana, I am a customer of yours from the Boston area. You have very nice people working for you - lucky! I am a big fan of the Epicuren product line and have been happy with it. . I am also a huge fan of La BellaDonna. I wear Nicoletta in the dead of winter, Shell by Chanel Mirabella cosmetics for most of the year and Umbria in the summer when I have color (or California girl by Colorescience). But I am interested in the Youngblood line for a liquid foundation. I was wondering if you could send samples of the shell and the sunkissed. I have neutral to yellow undertones...Irish Dad, Italian and Russian mother. I have the coloring of Linda Evangelista if that gives you an idea if you cannot tell from my pictures. Thanks so much Alana! You have a wonderful business and I wish I lived in CA!!!!!!!

Answer: Thank you so much for the kind note, and for the questions! Unfortunately, Youngblood does not offer us samples of the liquid foundations, so we do not have any available to offer you! Moreover, I find it common that not a lot of cosmetics companies offer samples of their colors for you to try, especially anything that is liquid, not sure why. Such a pain for all of us! I want to make sure you find the right color, and it is EXTREMELY hard to diagnose colors over the computer or phone due to differences in computer monitors, and just plain differences in taste from person to person.

Perhaps you could search a local retailer in your area, where you can try the colors in person? You can always purchase any of the colors that end up working from our store, with free shipping!

Another method to consider with regards to choosing makeup colors over the internet, is Mirabella's Color Selector Tool: The Fitzpatric system. They boast a 95% success rate. It has always worked well for my clients. Access this color selector tool here. Keep in mind, this system only works for Mirabella Cosmetics.

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