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How to Grow Your Eyelash and Eyebrow Hairs, Guaranteed

How cool is it when you receive thank you notes and success stories from your customers? I love my customers, and it is so great to help someone out! A few days ago my customer Vicki sent me this nice note about how Lilash has made a difference in her eyelash and eyebrow length.

From Vicki- "I have never had long eyelashes – they were always light, thin, sparse, short and straight. I had even begun to wear false eyelashes on special occasions because my eyes just never stood out. Now after using LiLash, you can see the quite remarkable difference – Not only are they dark, long and thick, but they also have a great curl!! Quite often I go out without wearing mascara as my lashes are now so long and thick. When I do wear mascara, my lashes are longer and curlier than the false ones I used to wear. LiLash has made such a difference to my appearance and self confidence. Now, at 56, I have the eyelashes I had wanted all my life and had only dreamed about. Thanks for making my dream become a reality !!

I have had to use eyebrow pencil for forty years because my eyebrows were so sparse and light ~ you actually could not see them without my penciling them in. There were times when I would rub my eye and half of my eyebrow would wipe right off – that can be pretty embarrassing ! Now, after faithfully using LiBrow, my eyebrows have filled in wonderfully and are now dark enough that I can go out all the time without that fake eyebrow look. I had considered having a permanent cosmetic procedure (tattooing my eyebrows) but now that I can grow my own I am much happier!"

You can buy Lilash from my store for 119.97, with free shipping. It has a 90 DAY GUARANTEE! Click Here to see it.

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