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How to Get Perfect, Younger, and Healthier Skin: The Definitive Guide

How to Get Perfect, Younger, and Healthier Skin: The Definitive Guide

8 Chapters

Everything you need to know about how to get your skin in its healthiest, happiest state

Chapter 1: Nutrition

Chapter 1: Learn how your eating habits can affect your skin and which vitamins and minerals will help to improve your complexion.

Chapter 2: Exercise & Lifestyle

Chapter 2: Exercise, sleep, and stress can all impact your skin's health, which is why it's so important to maintain the right amount of each.

Chapter 3: Genetics

Chapter 3: Discover the role genetics play in determining your skin's characteristics.

Chapter 4: Aging & The Sun

Chapter 4: Sun damage and UV exposure are responsible for a majority of aging signs.

Chapter 5: Medical, Spa Grade, Department Store, or Drugstore

Chapter 5: Find out the difference between skincare product grades and which are the most effective.

Chapter 6: Active vs. Inactive Ingredients

Chapter 6: Active and inactive ingredients serve different purposes for your skin. Learn more about what they do.

Chapter 7: Skin Types

Chapter 7: There are several different skin types - find out yours here.

Chapter 8: Maintenance

Chapter 8: Maintenance tips for each skin type.

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