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Hottest Summer Makeup Colors

My summers are all about switching from sweaters to tank tops, boots to flip flops, wearing lighter makeup, and applying as much sunscreen as I can. This summer, think “less is more.” Enjoy the summer breeze and lighten up on those heavy moisturizers. Also, summer calls for cute and bright colors! I love to sport hot pinks and turquoises for my nails, and fun, bright colors for my eye shadows. Check out these five hot makeup colors to use this summer:

  • Bring On The Berry Shades: How good do strawberries, black cherries, and raspberries sound right now? Mmm, why not do these colors on our lips? Berry shades are great this summer. Try to exfoliate and dry your lips before applying the lipstick. This will ensure the color holds fast. Finish your luscious lips up with a clear gloss or lip balm to give your lips a little shine!100% pure lip gloss is a great gloss that isn’t sticky
  • Orange: Orange gloss gives a warm sun kissed glow and looks great on warm skin. As an alternative to red lipstick, orange gloss is much easier to wear in the summer. So think navel orange groves and make this bright change now. I love La Bella Donna’s Burnt Orange Mineral Light Lip Colour.la bella donna has great long lasting lip sticks
  • Teal: A bright teal shade for your polish is perfect this summer. Anything very metallic, shimmery or fluorescent is in your face and can look ghastly. Teal is my favorite color to do because it goes with pretty much everything. Also, every time I put teal on, it makes me want to go to the beach! This bright shade surely will make you happy and will look hot!
  • Dusky Eyes: Avoid the “heavy eyes” look by using dusky shadows. Use pinks and browns to add intensity without making your makeup look heavy. Use a pale pink color over your lids and add a dab of brown along your lashes. This makeup look will add intensity to your eyes without bringing down your easy summer look! Youngblood’s Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad’s work great!
  • Peachy Cheeks: Peach cheeks give your skin a great natural and soft look. Use a bit of peach blush if your skin color is cooler, or more of an orange shade if your skin has warmer tones. This look gives you the appearance of a flawless complexion!
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