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How To Wear A Red Lip with GloMinerals

The holidays are the perfect time to try out a Red Lip with GloMinerals! Nothing says festive like a bright pout! If you are like most women, you may be a little apprehensive about pulling it off. Here’s how to sparkle and shine the right way☺


GloMinerals Taylor's Perfect Red Pout

#1 The Perfect Lip is Really About the Face
It may come as a surprise, but the trick to pulling off a red lip is creating the right pallet for your pout. Your lips will be your focal point- so GO EASY on your eye makeup and blush. If you don’t normally wear a red lip, your typical makeup will need to be adjusted. Try skipping eyeliner and avoid heavy blush. Never combo a Smokey Eye with a red lip!

GloMinerals YoungBlood Lipstick

#2 Prep and Apply

A great trick when wearing lipstick is applying a light layer of foundation to your lips followed by a little powder. Next, fill your lips in with a lip liner to keep the lipstick from bleeding. Choose a color that matches your lipstick. Grab your lipstick and apply with a brush, beginning with the middle of your lips working your way outward. Blot with a tissue. Re-apply a second layer with your lip brush to guarantee long lasting color. If you want a shiny finish, apply a matching red or clear gloss to the middle of your lips. La Bella Donna in Crystal ($24) looks great over any shade of lipstick!

GloMinerals Penelope Pulls Off Red!

#3 Choosing Your Color
Not all reds are the same. Take into consideration your skin tone when choosing yours. If your complexion is:

Pink- Choose a cool, plum red.
Yellow- Choose a warm red with a brown or orange base
White- Choose a classic red.

Not sure what your skin’s undertone is? Turn your hand palm up; press your thumb firmly to your wrist. When you remove your thumb, your skin should be slightly pink, yellow or white. Try YoungBlood Lipstick ($19). With five reds to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect shade.

GloMinerals La Bella Donna Mineral Lip Sheer

# 4 Consider Your Nails
In general, red lips with red nails can look over the top. Clear or light nail polish is a safer bet. If you want to wear both in red, make sure they match.

#5 Consider Your Age
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but an honest friend is a good friend. Our lips tend to thin as we age. If you struggle with this, it may not be your best feature to accentuate. To keep you lips from looking severe, try a rosy or pinkish red. Neutral lips are always flattering and look great with played up eyes.

There you go! Every woman should try this once in her life. I have a feeling your next holiday party is the perfect opportunity!
From so many requests, I have developed a special page on my shopping cart site skincarebyalana.com with a special page set aside for lipsticks I love, click here to see it.
Hope this helps, click here to call or email me with questions!


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