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Getting Your Teen To Rock Sunscreen

It is easy to lather up our young ones with sunscreen while they are young - but there comes a time when they start making decisions for themselves. Oftentimes, sunscreen is a routine that gets left behind once our kids start taking charge of their own skincare regimen. So, how do you get your teen to rock sunscreen? Read on to find out!

Easy Sunscreen

Something that many people do not realize is that applying sunscreen once a day is not enough. Yes, even if it is SPF 50. I recommend reapplying your sun protection every 2 hours; even more often if you are at the pool, beach, or exercising outdoors. Some of the biggest qualms about reapplying sunscreen are as followed:

  • It is greasy
  • It will clog my pores
  • It is tedious
  • It will ruin my makeup

So, how do we avoid these predicaments? One of my absolute favorite products for this is Colorscience's Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Brush, which comes in both SPF 30 and SPF 50 . Okay, so I am sure you want to know why I love this product. For starters: it is a portable, powder-form of broad spectrum sunscreen. It really doesn't get any more convenient than that! I love that the formulas are sheer, so anybody can enjoy them: men, women, or children. I take mine everywhere with me, and love using it on my husband and son. Second, it is also fortified with Red Seaweed Extract, which will help to firm and balance your skin. Yes, this product is simply amazing!

You can get clear to mildly tan formulas that are either shimmer or matte , making them fun and individual depending on what you are looking for. Layering this on throughout the day will not leave your face feeling heavy or cakey, which is essential to getting your teen to reapply. I actually find this nice for minimizing oil on my skin!

Want to get extra-added protection? Layer your SPF 50 brush over your SPF 30. Meaning, apply the SPF 30 product first, then another layer of the SPF 50. This is my trick for keeping burn-free on Disneyland Days.

Whether you are looking for an easy sunscreen option for your teen, or yourself, I cannot recommend these fabulous Colorscience products enough!!

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