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Get Rid Of Dark Spots For Beautiful Skin!

Summertime is synonymous with dark spots. And of course those of us who get dark spots know that just because the sun starts to hide behind the clouds in fall does not mean those pesky dark spots will simply disappear. Dark spots are a beauty qualm that isn't just susceptible to one particular complexion. Sadly, hyper-pigmentation affects skin types of all ranges. Luckily, thanks to our modern age of beauty and skincare, there are many skin care products that are able to remedy this unsightly skin care woe.

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Take Your Daily Vitamins


Flintstone vitamins aside, there is another breed of vitamins that can enhance your hindered complexion. Vitamin C has been nature’s answer to a beautiful, clear complexion for decades now... And thanks to our recent skincare innovations, we are now able to reap the benefits of this wonderful element in a form of a simple cream. Vitamin C has been known to aid the fading of dreaded dark spots. A favorite Vitamin C essential of mine is Epicuren Discovery’s CXc Vitamin C Anti Aging Cream. This lightweight cream is packed with both preventative and repairing vitamins and ingredients that aim to leave your complexion looking radiant. Potent while remaining feather light, the CXc Vitamin C Anti Aging Cream from Epicuren Discovery will give you a fighting chance against those unwanted dark spots.

Next Step...


Scrub your woes away with a product with both brightening and exfoliating capabilities. Implementing exfoliation into your skin regimen increases the chances of skin cell turnover which will lead to the lightening of your dark spots over time. While I have tried dozens of brightening scrubs in my day, I always return to the holy grail of brightening scrubs: Rhonda Allison’s Brightening Scrub. A triple threat, Rhonda Allison’s Brightening Scrub nourishes your complexion with brightening, lightening and exfoliating properties that leave your skin looking beautiful and youthful.

In Closing...


Saving the best for last, my last skin saving tip is an important one... Never leave the house without applying your favorite SPF product. From July to January, the sun’s damaging rays does not discriminate when it comes to seasonal changes and will forever remain present and equally as dangerous all year ‘round. Prevention is key when it comes to hindering dark spots from setting up camp on your complexion. Thankfully, with our knowledge today, the skincare market has been flooded with an influx of promising sun protection products. The latest innovative sun protection product I adore, has to be Image Skincare’s newest Prevention+ Ultra Sheer Spray SPF 45. This broad spectrum spray sunscreen makes it easy to protect yourself (and your loved ones) from harmful UVA/UVB rays. With it’s lightweight formula and ultra-easy application, sun protection has never been made easier!

While dark spots can hinder us from having a covetable, flawless complexion, it is relieving to know that modern science has our back and with the right combination of products, we are able to fight back against hyper-pigmentation.

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