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Foundation Matching Tricks

Growing up, I spent hours and hours in Target trying to find the right foundation shade that would match my skin. I would repeat the phrase: “make sure the foundation matches your neck line”, but I never really understood how I could perfect this tip by myself. Now, after several years of applying makeup, I have come up with what I feel is the best way to describe what foundation would be best for what skin type. The first step is to know the types of foundation available and the terms used in makeup in order to choose the right makeup. Other than myself, I know that most of the women that I know have trouble knowing all the technical terms of makeup. Before you start your search, identify what the purpose of the foundation will be. Is it to cover blemishes? Control oil? Or, something entirely different? Next, consider your skin type, and then decide the finish you desire.

It is important to understand makeup terminology well before making any purchases. For example, Luminous means that the product is with an oil base or moisturizer and will leave you with a glowing finish. Matte makeup translates to a product that dries to give a powder finish and has oil control. Mineral products mean that they contain minerals that let the skin breathe and have many other benefits. Makeup with Sunscreen protects the skin against the harmful rays of the sun with UV protection. Along with many others, these are some of the terms to help you understand and consider what to purchase.

Liquid foundation provides medium to full coverage and is used by makeup professionals. It can be used on all skin types and are normally oil based or with moisturizers. The whipped or mousse foundations provide minimal coverage and apply lightly. Tinted foundations do not give a weighty look and make the skin look smooth, perfect for wearing outdoors. A Cream to Powder foundation provides maximum coverage and should be used on dry skin. Mineral Powders are suitable for all skin types, as they give off a light and natural look. Pressed powders provide a good finish over the other foundations, covering blemishes and offering a soft look. I love to use a primer, liquid foundation, matte finishing powder, then and a concealer for my blemishes. This makeup regimen provides good coverage but does not overwhelm my pores. I hope with this knowledge about makeup, it will help you to decide which is best for you and your skin!

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