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Five collagen products to change your winter skin!

Our skin needs to be protected from the harmful elements found in the environment. These toxins destroy our skin, so it is essential to keep our skin nourished at all times. There are effective creams available in the market today for different skin types. This winter, try using these five products that are truly amazing to help you maintain your natural beauty:

  • A Collagen face mask has active ingredients that reduce the fine lines by toning the skin. This product will give your skin the soft, smooth and silky feel when used regularly and will help diminish your fine lines and wrinkles. Enspri’s Ultra Collagen Anti-Aging Facial Mask Kit is a 5 minute anti-aging treatment that works wonders on your skin!
  • A Collagen facial serum will help shield your skin from harmful pollutants as it is rich in antioxidants. Using this product regularly will show instant results of overall toned and nourished skin. It also aids in better blood circulation. I love using Epicuren’s Pro Collagen Serum Amplifier
  • Pure Collagen capsules will help give you that soft, delicately smooth skin you’ve always wanted. Regular use of this product will delay the aging process and help rejuvenate your skin.
  • Nutraluxe MD Collagen X-plosion is an excellent face lift cream as it aids to the collagen formation and helps the cell renewal process, dramatically reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Recommended for regular use, it boosts the collagen level of your skin up to 400%!
  • Microderm crystal scrubs gently exfoliate the skin with its powerful crystals to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin glowing, fresh and younger looking. My favorite is SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub.

Here are few natural tips that you can easily do at home:

  • Mix honey and egg for a natural facemask.
  • Milk mixed with cucumber juice is a good substitute for facial cleansers.
  • Moisturize dry skin by mixing vegetable oil, honey and lemon.
  • Half- a cup honey mixed with the bath water to soften the skin.
  • A mixture lemon, grapes and egg white help treat oily skin.

These handy tips will surely help you achieve that perfectly healthy and younger looking skin. Try finding products that have Collagen as an active ingredient because it will improve the overall appearance of your skin. Please call us if you have any other questions.


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