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When it comes to clearing acne, many people thing that anti-acne products are "one-size-fits-all". Today I am here to tell you that it is not that simple! Certain ingredients may help your condition better than others, and I want to share the differences between the most popular ingredients with you! So, are you ready for it?

Fight Acne: Your Way

Salicylic Acid - this is without a doubt one of the most popular anti-acne ingredients on the market. Why? Because in the right conditions it is incredibly effective! I recommend using salicylic acid if you are trying to combat smaller blackheads and whiteheads. I stress smaller, because these are much different than deep-rooted blackheads and cystic acne that results in a white head. Smaller breakouts respond well to exfoliation, and salicylic acid is a fantastic way to do just that! I am a huge fan of Skin Script's Blemish Control Toner Salicylic Pads.

Benzoyl Peroxide - this is yet another popular anti-acne ingredient, which I highly recommend if you are looking to eliminate raised, painful, irritated blemishes. Benzyol peroxide is better suited to inflammatory acne, meaning full-on pimples and cysts. It is essential that you avoid picking, popping, or scratching your blemishes; be patient with the Benzoyl Peroxide! It isn't an instant fix, but it will definitely do a beautiful job over time. PCA's Skin pHaze 33 Acne Cream has always done wonders for clearing my skin.

Tea Tree Oil - I absolutely love tea tree oil! Why? Because not only is it natural, but it works! Studies have proven that tea tree oil can perform just as well as benzoyl peroxide, with much fewer side effects, so if benzoyl peroxide helps to clear your skin but gives undesirable side effects, definitely give this gem a shot. In fact, if you simply want to go with the more natural alternative, I definitely recommend looking into this. An extra added bonus is that tea tree oil has been proven to be less irritating than benzoyl for many people, which makes it better for people leaning towards the sensitive end of the spectrum. I adore Alex Cosmetic's Herbal Clear Gel!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) - Many people use AHA's for their anti-aging abilities, but did you know they are also fabulous for unclogging pores? Alpha Hydroxy Acids are wonderful because they gently exfoliate the skin, which is an effective way to keep pores clean and clear of debris. Most sensitive skin types can tolerate AHA's very well, making it a very versatile ingredient for acne sufferers. Many of my beauty mates have purchased Clayton Shagal's AHA Exfoliating Mask to assist in anti-aging, and have reported gorgeous skin-clearing benefits as well!

Topical Retinoids - Yet another anti-ager has made it onto this list: topical retinoids are another skincare ingredient that has proven to assist with clearing up acne. This ingredient is best suited for clearing "under the skin" pimples that are red, inflamed, or painful. I definitely recommend consulting a medical esthetician to find the right retinoid-infused product for your individual skin type and needs, as many formulations require you to take steps . I recently tried FutureDerm's Time-Release Retinol 0.5 and absolutely loved the results!

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