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Fall Proofed Skin

10 Tips for Fall Skin Care

Pumpkins, apple cider, brightly colored leaves…. Don’t you just love fall? I could hardly contain myself this weekend as I put away our summer stuff and broke out my fall candles. While knocking out the season’s “to-do’s” I started wondering, what are the essential skin care “to-do’s” for fall?

Do an Oil-Based Scrub

The skin care theme for fall is MOISTURIZE! The cooler weather always brings dry, chapped skin with it and you’ll want to be prepared. Now is a great time to swap your current scrub for one that is oil-based for added moisture.

Don’t Ignore Your Feet

OK, I’ll admit it- in the fall I only shave what shows. But what I don't do is neglect my feet simply because my open toed pumps are replaced with closed toed ones. You need to regularly scrub and moisturize your feet even if they won’t see the light of day till June.

Do a Hand Crème

Since hands are exposed to air and water more than any other body part, indulging in a good hand crème is essential. A fun bonus is finding one that puts you in the mood for the season change! Carry it in your bag and use after every hand washing.

Do Spice up the Nail Polish

Swap your summer shades for darker hues. Burgandys, plums, greys and browns will perfectly accessorize that sweater you can finally wear!

Do Use Cuticle Oil

The cold can do a number on your cuticles and your hand crème alone won’t be enough. Simply rub a drop of oil onto your cuticles a couple times a week to protect yourself.

Do Assess Your Skin

As the seasons change so will your skin. It’s important that you take a few minutes to see if your skin has become oily, dry, patchy, developed dark spots, etc. Depending on what you find you may need to change up or add something to your daily routine. Ask your esthetician for an expert assessment.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Don’t think just because you packed away your bikini you can store your SPF along with it. Sunscreen is a year-round essential! Use a daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen so you won’t forget even on the gloomiest day.

Do Get on a Schedule

As your calendar changes for fall, make sure you develop a routine that works with your new schedule. I know for me things like facial masks, exfoliators, deep conditioning treatments and facials can get lost in the busyness of school, sports, and work. A trick I use is picking days for things- every Sunday morning I apply a facial mask, Tuesdays and Fridays are for exfoliating, and Wednesdays I deep condition my hair.

Don’t use a Summer Body Cleanser

In the summer, a coconut shower gel is all a girl needs to feel great. In the fall you’ll want to make sure your body cleanser isn’t drying your skin out in the colder months. Swap your shower gel for a cream based body wash that is soap-free.

Do Moisturize

As I said before- MOISTURIZING key! Apply a good lotion right after you’ve dried off from your shower every day.

Well, there you have it- everything you need to do to get your skin ready for fall! Don't forget to ask any questions or for reccomendations!

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