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Eminence Organic Skin Care And How to Apply False EyeLashes

I love the sparkle and glam of the holidays with my eminence organic skin care products! With all the events and parties, it’s the perfect time to kick your look up a notch. False eyelashes are one of my all time favorite ways to add drama and impact. The only downside to them is getting the suckers on! It can be a huge mess. We’ve all been at the mirror, the rest of our makeup is perfect, we take a deep breath and attempt the impossible. Next thing we know, we’ve glued a section of our lid to our eyebrow, there is glue everywhere and we’ve smudged our liner into a gorey nightmare. Sound familiar? Here's the simple way to get it right!

Eminence Organic Skin Care

eminence organic skin care Kourney Kardashian is Holiday Perfect

1. When you first get your false eyelashes, make sure that they are the perfect length for your eyelid. If they are too long, cut off each eyelash until it is the desired length.

eminence organic skin care Eyelash Curler $9

2. Curl your real lashes with an eyelash curler. You can warm the curler under a blow dryer for about 3 seconds. Model in a Bottle makes a great lash curler for 9 bucks! Just make sure the metal isn't too hot for your eye. Apply a liquid or pencil eyeliner to conceal the lash roots and wait until it dries.

3. You will need to use eyelash glue to attach the false eyelashes to your eyelid. You can find it at most pharmacies. To glue your false eyelashes, squeeze a little out onto a flat surface. Run the edge of the eyelashes along the glue in smooth sweep. (Never apply glue straight to the eyelashes - it’s too hard to get the right amount that way). You want a thin, even layer of glue. Blow a little on the glue before applying it to your lid. This will help the glue become a bit tackier and stay in place better once you go to apply.

eminence organic skin care Giuliana Rancic's Falsies

4. Bring the eyelashes as close to your lash line as you can. This can be done using your fingers or tweezers. Very carefully, press the lash as close to the eyelid as possible, placing them at the inner corner first and working your way toward the outer corner. You will get better at this with time and practice. Once you have the lashes in position and are satisfied with its location, hold the lashes in place until completely dry.

5. If you are using a full set, apply a thin strip of glue along the base of the lashes using a toothpick or a super fine makeup brush. Avoid applying the glue with your fingers because it gets messy fast. Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry a bit.

6. Once the false eyelashes are applied, let them dry for a couple minutes before fussing with the rest of your makeup.

eminence organic skin care YoungBlood Outrageous Lashes

7. Apply mascara to blend the falsies with your real ones. I love YoungBlood's Outrageous Lashes Mineral Lengthening Mascara ($26) because it adds sexy, full length while conditioning my lashes.

eminence organic skin care False Lash Look Without the Hassle!

Still sound like too much work? One of my favorite beauty secrets is Divaderm Lash Extender. ($22.99). This specially formulated product creates the look of false lashes without messy glue or strips! Just apply coats in between coats of your favorite mascara and POW! Your very own lashes are extended and fabulous!

If you are new to this, I would advice NOT trying to apply them for the first time the “night of”. Chances are you will get flustered and shaky. Practice a couple days before your big event so you feel confident when the night arrives. Trust me- this is all worth it!!

From so many requests, I have developed a special page on my shopping cart site skincarebyalana.com with a special page set aside for eye makeup products I love, click here to see it.

I have another article that might help you even more titled: How to Apply Eyeshadow. Click here to read it!

Hope this helps, click here to call or email me with questions!
eminence organic skin care


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