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Eat Your Way To Flawless Skin

Jessica Wu, a famous celebrity dermatologist, is a major campaigner for skin-friendly foods. One of her clients, the gorgeous Katherine Heigl is a big fan of Jessica’s perfect foods to eat for perfect skin method. According to Wu, if we eat the right foods, we will have better skin! Wu suggested using whole-wheat pasta’s with tomato based sauce instead of a cream sauce. She also suggests that we eat tons of green and yellow vegetables. According to research, it has been found that those who eat vegetables, have fewer wrinkles on their faces, especially crow’s feet.

On the other hand, bring on the oil! A lot of young women experience dry skin because they do not get enough fat. Without some fats, our bodies cannot absorb vitamin A; which the body uses to counteract the ageing process. Try eating some avocado with a little bit of olive oil on top. This snack is delicious and contains just the right amount of fat to fight off those pesky wrinkles! With these minor changes, we can come closer to flawless skin!


Hello Alana,

Can I just put on some olive oil on my face to fat it in order to protect or reduce my wrinkles (especially crow’s feet under my eyes)?


Belle @ 2011-01-17 5:55am

Hello Belle,

Putting olive oil on your face will definitely help to moisturize it, but you will still need a specialty product in order to diminish your wrinkles. Try and eye cream! I recommend Image Skincare Total Eye Lift Creme to help with your crow’s feet!

alana @ 2011-01-18 8:19am

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