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Easy Cures For Summer Beauty Mistakes

Over the next couple of months, we begin to see obviously fake tans, sweaty makeup, and increased breakouts from the humidity. However, there are easy cures for these common summer skin mistakes! Check out my tips below on how to fix these mistakes before they occur.

Orange Hands. We all want that beautiful summer glow, but sometimes, we want it just a little too much! If your hands or palms turn orange from the application of sunless tanner, soak cotton pads in lemon juice and rub on the affected area(s). The acid in lemon juice will work to remove and exfoliate that embarrassing orange color away.

Don’t Be A Sweaty Mess! Summer typically calls for blazing summer heat. Your sweat can become quite an issue, especially if you are smelly! Start your days by using an antibacterial body wash followed by an application of a strong deodorant, preferably one with aluminum chloride. Avoid embarrassing sweat marks in areas likes between your breasts and thighs by applying an aerosol deodorant spray when you get dressed for the day. My favorite thing to use is the 100% Pure Gentle Antibacterial Brush. You can use this product on your face or body to help exfoliate your skin.

Breakouts. Avoid body breakouts caused from clogged pores by using a body wash that has salicylic acid. Follow-up with an anti-acne body spray.

Bumps Be Gone! It is estimated that half of all women have an issue with red bumps appearing on their arms. These red bumps are caused by a collection of skin cells that accumulate near hair follicles. If you have this issue, avoid chlorinated water and refrain from overexposure to the sun.

Choose Perfume Carefully. Avoid floral and fruity smelling fragrances. These types of scents can and will attract bugs, especially mosquitoes and bees. Go with a fresh, clean scent to avoid a possible bee sting!

Dry Hair. Sun exposure, swimming, sports and other outdoor summer activities will damage your hair quickly. Avoid swimmers hair by applying a weekly hair mask. If your hair often tangles during outdoor activities such as swimming, apply a conditioner just prior.

Keep Your Hair Color All Summer Long. Don’t let the sun ruin your beautiful hair color. Here’s my little trick: I refresh my hair color by applying the appropriate colored Kool-Aid powder to my shampoo. Blondes should use a lemon flavored powder and red heads will be safe using cherry flavored. Brunettes can enhance their color by using coffee grounds. It may seem crazy, but it really works.

Avoid Green Hair. Avoid the green tinge to your hair altogether by applying a protective hair oil. Hair oils work to seal the hairs cuticle. This stops the chemicals from ever reaching your hair. You will no longer have to worry about chlorine water ruining your hair color.

Moroccan Agadir Miracle Oil is my absolute, all-time favorite.

Permanent Mascara, Unintentionally. Waterproof mascaras can be an amazing tool for always looking good in the water. However, they tend to not want to come off very easily. When removing waterproof mascara, saturate a cotton ball with eye makeup remover and allow the cotton ball to sit on your eyelashes. This will soften the mascara and allow you to easily wipe away the remainder.

Sunglass Tan. If you forget to take your sunglasses off, chances are you have the “ring around the eyes” tan mark. An easy solution to this problem is to mix a drop of liquid bronzer to an eye cream. Apply this to your eyes and blend all the cream in. Your sunglass tan is now even with the rest of your skin tone!

Go Light. We all know that less is more for summer make up. There is no sense in wasting perfectly good make up by applying too much. In the summer, use smaller amounts of makeup and rely on concealer rather than foundation. Using a water resistant concealer will keep your makeup on while swimming, or use my all time favorite make up setter, Model In A Bottle.

Don’t Limit Yourself To One Hairstyle. Always wearing your hair in a ponytail gets boring. Go with your beach hair or attempt to recreate the salon look at home with curlers and a teasing brush!

Avoid Stubble.
When shaving under your arms, keep the skin tight. Make sure you use a razor with 3 to 4 blades moving from the bottom up. This will give you the best results! Try Bliss' Ingrown Eliminator Pads

Pamper Your Tootsies. Sandals and sun exposure leave our feet at risk for excessive dryness and cracked heels. Daily, you should be applying a foot cream. For best results, apply at night and cover your feet with socks.

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