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Common Acne Causes & How To Fix Them

When it comes to acne, I have seen it all. And of course, with this unusually hot & shifting weather, I have been getting an excess of anti-acne inquiries from my Beauty Mates. There are so many obvious causes of acne , but there are also other causes that we tend to overlook on a day-to-day basis. Today I want to share those causes with you, as well as some simple tips to avoid those specific causes of acne. Are you ready for it?

Bye Bye Acne

Your Hair Care - this one seems to be the most shocking to my clients. But it is true; your hair care can be causing acne flare-ups both on your back and along your hairline. Pomade and oils when it becomes more oily than usual. Also be sure to rinse your body and face off after you shampoo & condition to avoid left-over residue drying out the skin or clogging up your pores.

You're Using The Wrong Products - I always stress how important it is to use products for your skin type. If you suffer from oily skin, but buy products intended for dry skin, you are at a higher risk for clogged pores & acne. Consult with an esthetician to find the right products for your skin, and use your products as directed. Yes, using a product more often than the directions state can be counterproductive, often leading to clogged pores or irritation. If you'd like to custom tailor a product to your skin, speak with a professional first .

Travel - ever wonder why those pesky zits have to pop up when you are on vacation? There are many contributing factors to breaking out on travel: from general travel-related stress, to dry airplane air, to a shift in the weather. My favorite advice is to (1) bring travel-sized essentials to cleanse and moisturize your skin over the course of your actual travel time, and (2) doing your research on the climate and having some essentials that will be compatible with the weather. For instance: if you tend to be dry during dry winters, and oily during humid summers, and are going from a dry to a humid climate, adjust your skincare accordingly. If in doubt, ask an esthetician.

Where You Rest Your Head - two things people often overlook as acne-causing culprits are their cell phones and their pillows. Over time dirt and oil build up on both of these, so it is important to clean them regularly if you wish to prevent breakouts. Gauge your cell phone use and go from there when it comes to determining how often to clean the surface of your device. When it comes to your pillows: I recommend washing them 1-2x a week to prevent dirt/oil buildup.

You Are What You Eat - well, kind of. Studies show that healthy dietary changes can help to reduce acne. But of course, everybody is different in this department. For me, avoiding too much sugar is a great way to keep my skin clear and beautiful!


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