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Coconut Oil & Your Skincare Regimen

Coconut Oil has been a hit ingredient for the past few years, and it is here to stay! I absolutely love coconut oil. From incorporating it into my diet, skin care, hair care, even my dental care. Please note that I am not endorsing any specific brand, and I highly advise using your judgment before jumping into any coconut oil regimen. With that in mind, I would like to share some of my favorite ways to incorporate coconut oil into your skincare regimen this summer!

Hello Coconut

Treat Chronic Dry Spots - over the summer months, I tend to get oily, save for a few specific parts of my body. I love treating my heels, knees, and elbows with coconut oil for deep moisture that can't be beat. It also happens to smell amazing, which is an extra-added bonus!

Exfoliation - similar to the above point, coconut oil exfoliation is a great way to expose radiant, moisturized skin! You can mix coconut oil with salt for a deep foot scrub, or even with brown sugar for a body scrub. There is a wealth of coconut oil-based body scrubs on the internet! Go forth and find something that will get you glowing and gorgeous.

Take a Bath - so, taking a bath in coconut oil would certainly not be cost-effective, and I definitely wouldn't recommend it! But adding a few tablespoons will help to moisturize your skin while you soak. And again, it smells amazing!

Enjoy a Massage - skip your traditional massage oil in favor of coconut oil and see how you like it! Much like exfoliation, you can find fabulous recipes online for a great concoction for your skin.

Stretch Mark Prevention - I'm sure you've heard of coco butter for avoiding stretch marks. I have heard it upon good authority that coconut oil is another fantastic way to help moisturize your stretching skin in an effort to avoid stretch mark. Bear in mind that I have never tested this method for myself!

Quick-&-Easy Lip Balm - I tend to sway towards natural and organic for my lips, which is why I am a huge fan of using coconut oil as an easy lip balm! What's better than one nourishing ingredient on your lips? No chemicals, no muss, no fuss. I have also heard about people making their own tinted balms with these - the internet should have a wealth of recipes for a beautifully tinted pout.

Shaving Lotion - If you aren't a huge fan of shaving creams, you can try a thin layer of coconut oil instead to protect and moisturize gently! I have tried this, and absolutely love it.

Oil Pulling - Oil pulling has a wealth of benefits, my favorite of which is fabulous breath and a brighter smile. Check out my article here for my experience with oil pulling!

All in all, coconut oil is amazing! I absolutely love this stuff and will continue to stock up on it at my local grocery store! Do you have any personal experiences with coconut oil in your beauty routine? Share them in the comments below!


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