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Cleansing Balm? What's That?!

Whenever I discover something outside-of-the-box I get so excited to share it with my Beauty Mates. Especially when that product is as fabulous as the one I am going to share with you today. SO, what is it that I have hidden up my sleeve? It’s called Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm , and it is fantastic! In case you are wondering, a cleansing balm is a cleanser that you smooth on like a moisturizer and remove with a warm cloth, which helps to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oils while delivering vital moisture to your skin.

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First, this product is so luxurious! I have never seen a cleanser alone leave my skin so absolutely soft, which is saying a lot since I have worked in the skincare business all of my life. It is so easy to use, no water mess all over your skin so there really is no excuse to skip this cleanser. You can put it on and remove all while watching your favorite television show. My skin looked and felt so incredibly fresh and clean after using this, which was a pleasant surprise. I have always been a die-hard “cleanse with water” type person so to find a product that was so easy and effective was a definite delight.


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