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Check out the New Website Design and Structure!

Check out my redesigned website’s Top 5 new features:

  • New Design and Structure! What do you think? Please leave me some comments at the very bottom of this blog and let me know what you like or do not like…
  • Now you can search by Concern, Or by Category!
  • New slideshow featuring my family on the “About Us” Page, click here to see
  • Easier and more convenient checkout, and account management, click here to see
  • Featured Products now highlighted on home page, checkout the sales and specials!

A Quick Personal Note from Alana:

Yes, I finally did it! After two years utilizing our old design, I felt it was necessary to update the look, feel, and structure of skincarebyalana.com. Honestly, it was a really scary thing for me, and a lot of hard work. Overall, I am hoping that it is easier to use, and more appeasing to the eyes! Believe me, the redesign was NO EASY task with an 8 month old at home (my hubby was a huge help). Our business is growing so much, and so fast, it just seemed like the right thing to do!

Thank you for being my loyal customer. Feel free to let your friends know about my site, and let me know what they think as well. If you are not yet my friend, please find and add me on facebook! I am so excited to hear your feedback, good or bad! Remember, from my store, you will NEVER get charged shipping, and ALWAYS be offered personal help with any beauty related question you have!


Melbourne Austraila.
Thank you for stocking my favorite cream in the world. I first discovered Terme di Saturina in Hong Kong while there for work 2008. At 50 TDI had noticeable effect immediately, so luscious, agreeable and truly superior, I felt I was being endulged daily. Terme di Saturina is not available in Australia not even in Italy unless you visit the spa in Tuscany. I congratulate you on securing this range of products.

Fiona @ 2010-08-31 12:25am

Hey love your site friend recommended it and she uses
Your product. I have lots of wrinkles, especially eyes with dark circles, my skin is dull. Can you suggest a kit or product line? I am in my mid 50’s. Hope to hear from you soon.

Debby Remmert @ 2010-08-28 9:45am

Kudos to you on your new website and in running a very special business with quality products. Best of luck to you. I enjoyed your sweet baby and family photos! Blessings to your family.

marisa @ 2010-08-26 5:27pm

First time buyer, webiste was easy to browse to find the product I was looking for!

Mia @ 2010-08-17 10:49am


Looks real nice

mae rabb @ 2010-08-12 6:59am

Great job. A lot more user friendly

Millie Lutz @ 2010-08-13 7:20pm

Love your new site!!! I really enjoyed seeing photos of you & you family! That added a personal touch…..beautiful family you have.!

Sherri @ 2010-08-12 8:24am

The very best to you and yours.

I live in Rhode Island. My son, after visiting your store while in California, brought back Epicuren lotion and I’ve been buying it via your website ever since. I have been thoroughly satisfied with the product lines and customer service.


Robin McCauley @ 2010-08-13 5:09am

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