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Calling All Coffee Lovers: 8 Skincare And Beauty Products For You

The benefits of caffeine go beyond perking us up in the morning!

While most of us are deeply familiar with the daily use of caffeine to help energize us in the morning, provide an afternoon pick-me-up, or help us burn that midnight oil, caffeine is not exactly the first ingredient one thinks of when it comes to the beauty products or skincare.

Thanks to healthy antioxidants and effective anti-inflammatory properties, caffeine also constricts our blood vessels. This can help tighten our skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines when used as an ingredient in many beauty products.

The University of Washington in Seattle recently conducted a study which they exposed healthy skin cells and UV damaged skin cells to caffeine. The caffeine caused the damaged cells to die while leaving healthy skin cells completely unharmed.

Most of these cosmetics and beauty products contain 3% caffeine, which is considered an effective amount when it comes to the ability to penetrate the skin barrier. Caffeine also protects skin cells against UV radiation and can slow down the aging process of the skin. Cosmetics that contain caffeine can help increase blood circulation and even stimulate hair growth in desired areas.

Below, you’ll find eight skincare products that utilize the many benefits of caffeine. While found mostly in eye creams and anti-cellulite treatments, caffeine is a versatile component to many different beauty product formulas. I’ll lift up my favorite latte and cheers to that!


There are many moisturizers on the market that boast a boost of caffeine. Why? Because while caffeine typically zaps your skin of hydration, a facial moisturizer that contains caffeine allows you to bask in the benefits of energizing your skin and tightening it up without sacrificing the moisture it needs.

According to the study conducted by University of Washington, caffeine found in topical products like moisturizers could potentially be used to help prevent skin cancer. Since caffeine works in a similar way to sunscreen while also killing damaged cells, it makes sense to add it as a component to existing sunscreens.


Body Scrub

Now here’s another beauty treatment with a two-in-one benefit. The energizing properties of caffeine used in a body scrub can awaken your senses and leave your skin feeling tighter and smoother at the same time. Buffing away dead skin cells is just an added bonus to using a revitalizing scrub that rejuvenates you from head to toe.


Similar to body scrubs, a caffeine-infused soap can provide a refreshing and revitalizing shower experience, especially in the morning. Without the exfoliating components of a scrub, the right soap can leave your skin soft and strong.


I personally recommend trying 100% Pure Caffeine Organic Olive Oil Soap. It’s a luxurious certified-organic olive oil soap that has been cold pressed and has been scented with the best steam distilled essential oils available. The combination of olive oil and caffeine are a treat for the skin.

Facial Cleanser

The primary function of caffeine in skincare products is to constrict blood vessels and tighten the skin, so why not give a caffeinated facial cleanser a try? The anti-inflammatory agents in caffeine also help reduce and alleviate redness and irritation commonly found in complexions. You might just love it so much you replace your morning cup of coffee with a new wake-up call!


Eye Cream

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then most of us would probably give off the impression that our souls were weary. This is why eye cream is essential to your skincare regimen! What’s the perfect way to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? An eye cream that contains caffeine.


I absolutely love the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. It’s concentrated with potent anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing rosehip oil, and it’s super effective at combating under-eye puffiness and dark circles. In fact, 83% of users saw a rapid reduction in puffiness, and 73% watched their dark circles disappear almost immediately.

It also helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye with continued use, with an overall improvement on your skin’s firmness and elasticity. I’ll take a cup of that every morning, please!


In addition to plenty of skincare options, there are a variety of cosmetics that contain caffeine as well. From foundations that make your skin wake up and say “Hello!” to blushes and lipsticks, caffeine can be found across the beauty board.

Anti-Cellulite Treatments

Do away with dimples for good! A cellulite scrub is probably the most popular use for caffeine when it comes to self-care products. Caffeine works to spike your skin’s circulation and with the right scrub technique, you can easily reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten the skin of your problem areas. A good cellulite cream can migrate your cellulite cells and tighten your skin at the same time.


With the use of masks majorly on the rise, why not try a luxurious face mask that also contains the many benefits of caffeine? A caffeine mask can remove dead skin, restores sun damaged skin and wakes up a tired complexion.


My personal favorite is the 100% Pure Caffeine Mask. It gets the circulation pumping and combines with the hydrogel in working to protect your skin from premature aging. Your complexion will be radiant, bright, and vibrant in no time.

Final Thoughts

Because caffeine is a diuretic, it can dehydrate you if you ingest too much of it. Using caffeine in beauty products, however, the diuretic aspect of it comes in handy. It sucks the water out of your fat cells, which makes them flatten against your skin and smooth out - this is what diminishes the appearance of cellulite and fine lines and wrinkles.

Caffeine, when ingested, works to block sleep-inducing actions of the brain while speeding up nerve cell activity. This is why we feel more awake and energetic after we drink it. A similar effect occurs to our skin when we apply it (in much smaller quantities) to our skin, too.

While caffeinated products aren’t a permanent solution, they’re the perfect quick fix for a variety of issues. Even if you’re not a coffee lover, there’s a whole lot to love about caffeine when it comes to beauty!

Have you tried any beauty products containing coffee beans or caffeine? Share with us in the comments!


But Ive seen people use coffee for natural tanning.
So does coffee brighten or tan skin?
PS. A girl with an “Indian” fair tone.

Reb @ 2019-04-16 4:46am

Same here!!

Alana @ 2018-07-09 8:14am

Im so in love with caffeine im my beauty products. Love love love

Tanya Ethridge @ 2018-07-07 2:35pm

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