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Beauty Disaster Quick Fixes!

We've all had our beauty emergencies, but with these handy tips, we can keep the beauty mishaps at bay.

Dilemma #1: Big Red Spot!

A zit has decided to pop out of nowhere and grace you with its presence. Solution, get your spot treatment cream out. If you don’t have one, try rubbing an ice cube on the spot for a few minutes. After, use a treatment concealer to hide the pesky little creature. My friends and I love to use Glo Minerals Blemish Stick. Not only does this product cover my zit, but it also contains Salicylic Acid which helps to clear up my blemish as well!

Dilemma #2: Tan Streaks.

Even if you consider yourself a tanning pro, sometimes we still make mistakes. For a quick fix, be sure to allow yourself a little extra time before you walk out the door. Try exfoliating your skin to lift the color. If this doesn't work, scrub your skin with a few drops of lemon, as the acid from the fruit will release the color from your skin. Try TanTowels, they work great and are non-streaking!

Dilemma #3: Deodorant Residues.

Avoid that embarrassing moment when you lift your arms and people notice the white marks on your top! Although some products claim they do not leave residue, we should still always be ready for the unexpected. Grab a clean sock, preferably cotton, and rub it against the white marks. Any fabric will do the trick if you don't have a sock on hand.

Dilemma #4: Greasy Hair.

For some women, washing their hair everyday can be a chore because they have greasy hair. If you have one of those mornings when a shower just isn't on the time table, use a dry shampoo ready. Apply this spray on the roots, then briefly dry it with a hair dryer. If you do not have any dry shampoo, head to the kitchen and search for your baking soda and apply this on the greasy areas! Try leaving it on for a few minutes.greasy hair

With these quick fixes, beauty disasters should no longer be a problem.


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