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Beat the Heat! Easy Cures for Summer Beauty

It happens every year- the sundress in the store window, the vacation on your calendar and the strappy sandals calling your name all serve as reminders that summer is coming. And while we know it in our heads, that first invitation to a pool party slaps us in the face and sends us running for the medicine cabinet. Suddenly every inch of our skin needs to be blemish free, hair free and the perfect shade of tan overnight. Skip the anxiety and follow these tips to sail through summer disaster free!

Orange Hands. If your sunless tanner turns your palms or hands orange, rub them with cotton pads soaked in lemon juice. The acid will remove any excess color. If you want to avoid the "orange look" like Christina Aguilera, use Tan Towels to create a natural looking glow!

Sweat.Spending the day in the sun can cause even the most sophisticated woman to glisten and even smell. Shower with an antibacterial body wash followed by a strong deodorant containing aluminum chloride. Avoid embarrassing sweat marks in other areas by spraying an aerosol deodorant while you dress.

Breakouts. Avoid embarrassing body breakouts by using a body wash containing salicylic acid.

Arm Bumps. Half of all women have an issue with red bumps appearing on their arms. These annoying marks caused by a collection of skin cells that accumulate near hair follicles can be lessened by avoiding chlorinated water and over exposure to sun.

Faded Hair Color. Who says Kool-Aid is just for kids? Refresh your hair color by applying Kool-Aid powder to your shampoo. Blondes should use a lemon flavored powder and red heads will be safe using cherry flavored. Brunettes can enhance their color by using coffee grounds!

Green Hair. Combat the green tint by applying protective hair oil before swimming. The oil will seal the hair before chemicals reach the cuticle. I’m obsessed with Agadir because it never weighs my hair down.

Dry Hair. Sun, swimming, and outdoor activities damage hair quickly. Apply a weekly hair masque and a leave-in conditioner prior to swimming to protect you locks.

Stubborn Mascara. Removing waterproof mascara can be tricky. For easy removal, allow a cotton ball with eye makeup remover to sit on your eyelashes for a few seconds before wiping.

Sunglass Tan. Hide the “ring around the eyes” tan line by mixing a drop of liquid bronzer to your eye cream.

Go Light. Less is more when it comes to summer makeup. Use smaller amounts of product and rely on concealer rather than foundation.

Summer Hairstyles. Sport a ponytail, side messy braid, or hit the town with your beach hair. (If the idea grosses you out, recreate the look with curlers and a teasing brush

Stubble. When shaving under your arms, keep the skin tight. Use a razor with 3 to 4 blades moving from the bottom up.

Ugly Feet. Sandals and strappy heels put your feet on display. Avoid dry and cracked heels by applying a heavy foot cream. Stay away from over the counter products such as Curel and use products like Elemis daily instead!

Ladies, it’s time to seize the sunshine! Enjoy your summer worry free with these tips and take care of your beautiful selves!

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