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Are You To Busy To Go Get A Facial? Try One At Home!

Sometimes you are just too busy to go out and get a facial, even when your skin really needs it! For me, I decided to learn how to do my own easy facials from home with simple ingredients. You can get the perfect skin complexion with these do-it-yourself facials from the convenience of your home. Follow these steps for a quick and simple way to achieve great skin:

  • Cleanse the skin: The first step is to always cleanse your skin. Trust me; doing this will enable the absorption of the ingredients used later. Try to clean your skin with a scrub, which will help to remove dead skin. For a fresh looking face, I love to use a gentle scrub and my favorite right now Epicuren’s Apricot Facial Scrub and Exfoliant.

A great Smelling Scrub

  • Power Wash: Along with your face wash, you can use a motorized cleansing brush to reduce the pores and blackheads. I love to use my Clarisonic because it also helps with my wrinkle prevention! The vibrating brush removes the flakes and dead skin giving you a fresh look and is easy to use in a rush. A great vibrating brush head that will clean your skin better than before
  • The Proper Mask: It is essential to put the best products on your face for your specific needs. For example cherry masks brighten uneven pigmentation and pumpkin masks purify dull skin. Do not leave a mask on for too long or products could be harmful. Make sure you know what results you want to receive and your personal skin types and allergies, then decide the products you will use. I am currently using the Eminence Sour Cherry Mask and love how it helps with my pores and smells so good!Minimize your pores with this sour cherry mask!
  • Wear a Mask: At home, I normally mix honey with goat’s milk yogurt to help with my signs of aging (fine lines). Always use a small dollop of any product on your face and then add more if need be. Apply this mask and leave it on between 20-30 minutes.
  • Pimple Solution: It is best to treat your pimples by seeing an esthetician. However, you can tend to a pimple at home if the white puss has already formed on the surface. Cover your index fingertips with a tissue after a warm bath and try to shimmy your fingers from top to down and side by side of the pimple until it breaks (ouch)!The puss will ooze out and blood will appear. BE CAREFUL when you do this, because scarring can occur if done improperly. Apply a tea tree oil cream such as Glymed's Plus Serious Action Skin Gel or witch hazel to help calm and soothe the area.
  • Moisturize: After every facial do not forget to moisturize your skin. The ingredients need to be locked in by using a great cream or serum. The moisturizer will also create a barrier against the air and pollution. Boost up your tired skin with Vitamin C serums or use rose oil and lavender oil for smooth skin. The one I am currently using is Image Skincare's ACE Serum

THREE QUICK TIPS: By using an alcohol free toner in between the facial steps, it will aid in rebalancing the skin’s pH. You can mix a hydrating mask with a purifying mask of the same make for a combination skin. Rub ice for about ten minutes on face or pimples to reduce the redness.


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