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My (Alana’s) Top 4 Anti Aging ProductPicks: Don't feel like reading? Watch my video instead! These picks do not come lightly! My day spa retails over 100 of the most popular skincare product lines on the market. This has allowed me to test countless Anti Aging products on myself, and actual clients over several years. If you know me, then you know that I am sick of all of the fake blogs online, and fake articles (that are secretly posted by companies trying to sell products), and even dishonest TV commercials that lie to consumers about “miracle” Anti Aging productsand ingredients (half of these ingredients are made up). Do not trust them!Be sure to watch the video above, where I explain each Anti Aging product. Here is some brief info about each of these selections (and the companies that make them), and you can see each product below. My goal is to get you on a long term skincare regime, that will absolutely work! I have also created a special shopping page on my website designed to help you purchase anti aging products easily, click here to see it.

Image Skincare Ageless Total Repair Cream: Image Skincare is a company that should be on every skincare fan’s shelf. Simply stated, they use expensive ingredients like Retinol, without the expensive price tag, and all Image skincare products are Paraben Free. I love the effect this product has on my clients wrinkles and skin texture, and under eyes when they consistently use it as their night cream. You can try a week supply of the complete Image Anti-Aging Line (6 trial sizes) for $20, call to get more info!

Epicuren Discovery Alpha Lipoic Omega Cream: Few companies have fully patented and fully proprietary ingredients, meaning, you truly cannot find the ingredients in other products. Epicuren uses proprietary ingredients in most of their products, including the Alpha Lipoic Omega Cream, and all Epicuren products are All Natural. When used in place of your normal moisturizer, this product will tone and smooth your skin, minimizes your pore size, reduce wrinkles, and make you “Naturally Glow”.

Rhonda Allison Exotica Rhodiola Cream: Try it for only $25! Rhonda Allison is another company that uses proprietary, and All Natural ingredients along with Epicuren. Rhonda is a total sweetheart! Replace your normal moisturizer with an exotic Anti Aging treatment that acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin thickeners strengthener, hydrator, humectant, and wrinkle reducer. Click on the product at the bottom of this page to see the unbelievable exotic and All Natural ingredient list!

Ilike Organic Glycolic Medlar Rejuvenating Treatment: This product is completely certified Organic, All Natural, and Paraben Free. This one goes out to all of you Organic fans out there! It diminishes wrinkles while gently exfoliating your skin by loosening the horny cells that tightly cling together. It also increases the formation of new keratin and horny cells while hydrating the skin with vitamins. Check it out below!

Also, you will notice I have subcategories below where I list out some other search options to help you find the right Anti Aging products for your skin and skin type, that I have personally selected and are NOT GIMMICKS!

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