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6 Simple Steps to Look 6 Years Younger!

Want to keep that youthful look and hide your real age? Here are some beauty tricks to cast those years away!

1. Keep those beautiful locks between your chin and your shoulder. Side swept fringes and maintaining shoulder length hair will surely take away those years.

2. Dark lip colours can add up to your ‘old’ look. Top tip is to avoid using dark shades of lipstick as it can make you look older. Refrain from using matte lip colours because they tend to settle on your lip lines, instead, go for glossy and creamy lip colours to give your lips full effects. I love using La Bella Donna's Baci Baci Lip Sheers. This lip gloss is not sticky and lasts all day!

3. Go for creamy blushes. As you get older, your skin tends to become drier. Avoid using powder blushes and shadows as they settle in your fine lines and wrinkles which tend to be more noticeable. Using creamy blushes and shadows will lift up your look.

4. Liven up those eyes! Use mascara to curl your lashes to get that wow factor. You can still curl your eyelashes after applying mascara but just be sure that the mascara is dry. Do not leave the house without that fabulous mascara! Blinc's KissMe Mascara is the one I use religiously!

5. Avoid over plucking your eyebrows as they tend to slowly grow back if obsessively plucked.

6. Teeth stain from drinking tea, coffee or red wine make the teeth go yellow can be an ugly sight. So try to whiten your teeth using over the counter products. I love using Crest Whitening Strips.

7. Maintain that posture by standing up straight. Women who have nice posture ooze with confidence wherever they go. It will make you look younger and thinner as well!

8. Sleep well, sleep right. Always make it a habit to have a good night’s sleep. Lack of beauty sleep can surely make you look older with those puffy eyes, saggy bags and dull skin. Try to get at least seven hours a night.


I love the Morrocan hair oil. When I have too much in my hand or spil some I have been putting it on my arms and chest. I like the light aroma it leaves Nd makes the skin feel great.

Thanks for your great tips too


Joan @ 2010-11-11 1:17am

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