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6 Primer Tricks for Your Best Beauty Look Yet!

We've all heard of them: primers, the seemingly magical products that were designed to enhance the finish of our makeup.

If you are part of the collective that has continued to steer clear (after all, it is another step, right?), here me out!

Today we are talking about what exactly primers can do for you, and the many ways they can help to enhance your finished look.

Are you ready for it?

6 Primer Tricks for Your Best Beauty Look Yet!

Want Longer Lashes? There's a primer for that!

Indeed, primers are not only for your skin.

There are actually a host of different lash primers on the market, some of which boast length, some of which feature volume, and some that claim to do it all.

What should you be looking for? Well, that really depends on your desired outcome, but something we should all be on the lookout for is a formula that will not only help you achieve your lash goals, but will also help to nourish and nurture those beautiful little hairs around your eyes!

One of my personal favorites is easily Blinc's Lash Primer.

The formula slides on smoothly, while fortifying my lashes with healing, anti-inflammatory agents, vitamin E, and vitamin B.

An added bonus, I can use this dye-free formula to prime my brows as well!

Want to Effectively Disguise Large Pores? Spoiler alert, this will work for hiding acne scars as well.

Many primers (particularly the ones formulated with silicone) work to fill in fine lines, pores, and scars for a smoothed out canvas.

You have a few options here:

  1. Find a formula that contains SPF, so you can work a 1-step system to smoother looking skin.
  2. Find a formula (SPF or no SPF) that works for you and apply your foundation, BB Cream, or tinted moisture on top for a flawless finish. If your makeup does not contain SPF, be sure you find a way to fit it into your skin care routine.
  3. If you want the benefits of both a primer and a foundation, without going 100% opaque with your foundation, mix the two together! Yes, this will allow you to fill in pores while getting a dose of color onto your skin.

Want a perfectly smooth décolletage? Remember how I said primers are fantastic at filling in fine lines, pores, and scars?

Well, extending your primer down to your neck and décolletage is a great way to blur imperfects for a more youthful look.

Since this can use a fair amount of product, I recommend saving it for special occasions such as your weekly girls night, or that charity gala you've been looking forward to attending.

Want to color correct? If you are all about color correction (aka using a tint to balance out an undertone in your skin) there is likely a primer for that!

Here is a quick reference guide to help you out with color selection:

  • Green: This shade will be your best friend if you are looking to cancel out some serious redness on your skin. If acne is a concern, be on the lookout for ingredients that can potentially soothe or treat your skin.
  • Pink: This is a great option for fair skin types that need a bit of evening out. It is also wonderful for correcting purple dark circles under the eye on lighter skin tones.
  • Yellow: Fabulous for medium/olive skin tones who would like to conceal under eye dark circles or dark spots on the skin.
  • Neutral: This one is for all skin tones looking to add a more even tone to their skin.

Note that primer coverage is usually pretty sheer, so it tends to be friendly for a variety of skin tones (from light to dark). When in doubt as to which one would work best for you, ask an expert.

Want a Primer with Benefits? The power of your primer is not limited to color correcting! Many formulas are now including ingredients that deliver significant anti-aging benefits, while providing a beautiful canvas for your makeup.

I have been loving Youngblood Mineral Primer, which stimulates the activity of skin cells, increasing cellular production of collagen for tighter, less wrinkled skin while boosting skin cell proliferation for a fresher complexion.

Want Brighter, Longer Lasting Eyeshadow? If you find your eyeshadow game isn't as strong (or long lasting) as you'd like it to be, look towards eye primers!

These formulas were designed specifically for your eye area to keep oil at bay, and pigments in place.

I like formulas that include anti-aging or brightening ingredients to get beautiful benefits in additional to a beautiful finish.

Beauties, what's your favorite primer? Or do you have more than one?! I'd love to hear your recommendations!


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