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6 Fabulous Benefits of Coconut Water for Your Skin

If you know me, you probably know that I love coconut; from the way that it smells, to the way that it tastes, to the amazing benefits it lends to my health ! My love for coconut everything is not limited to one season, but my particular love for coconut water is definitely increased in the summertime. We experienced some uncharacteristically high temperatures here in Southern California this past week, which prompted a trip to the grocery store to stock up on this staple, and inspired me to share the many benefits of coconut water with you! So, are you ready for it? Continue reading below!

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Is Coconut Water Good for Your Skin?

1. Boost Overall Skin Health - So many people don't realize that dehydration leads to dry, less-than-happy skin. Drinking plenty of water can remedy this, helping your skin to be more hydrated, healthy, and plump. I like to look at this as a "two birds, one stone" type benefit; my body is healthy and hydrated on the inside, and happy and glowing on the outside.

2. Electrolytes - Whether you're an active sports enthusiast, hitting the beach on a hot day, or chasing your kids around; if you're sweat is pumping you will want to replenish your electrolytes. While many people reach for their typical, fruit flavored sports drink, I like to reach for coconut water. The right brand will give you just as many electrolytes, sans the sugar, aritifical colors, and chemicals that common sports drinks are packed with.

  • Looking Dull After an Exhausting Day? Believe it or not, washing your hair and skin with coconut water can be a great way to deliver electrolytes directly to the source. Not to mention it feels and smells amazing! My one suggestion essential> is to use 100% coconut water; coconut water should be the only ingredient, otherwise you will find yourself with a sticky, unpleasant mess.

3. Moisturize Your Skin - remember how I said you can rinse your skin and hair with coconut oil? Believe it or not, you can also put it onto the skin as a light moisturizer. This may be best for oily-prone skin types, as it may not be moisturizing enough for dry skin. Again, you are going to want 100% coconut water on this. Any additives will not only cause your skin to feel sticky, but can also cause a negative skin reaction.

4. Treat Minor Skin Irritations - coconut water and coconut oil have antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply coconut water directly to your skin, or rinse the affected area with coconut water. I personally love applying coconut oil to soothe any sort of irritation and as to protect my skin from infection naturally.

5. To Keep Acne At Bay - again, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut water make it exceptional for acne sufferers. I have seen beautiful results on acneic skin types who rinsed with coconut water and applied a thin layer of coconut oil to follow up.

6. Fight Aging - it goes without saying that a hydrated body is a much healthier body. Hydrating with coconut water allows you to ingest multiple beneficial vitamins and nutrients such as: vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K, zinc, iodine, selenium, manganese, and more. These ingredients will nourish you from the inside out, again boosting your overall health!

What benefits have you seen from drinking coconut water?

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