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5 Fun Ways to Make Any Day Mother's Day!

If you are like me, Mother’s Day is all about making the day special for the moms in your life. Whether it's your mother, your sister, a good friend, or even yourself, every year, you look for ways to make the day memorable and unique. As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to compile some of my favorite ideas to get you started!! Perhaps one of the following will be just what you (or mom) is looking for!

5 fun ways to make any day mothers day | skincare by alana | image skincare | lollia | mothers day

  1. Indulge in Some Delicious Food. As a busy mother myself, I know how lovely it can be to be treated out to a delicious meal! Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it is always nice to shower the mom in your life with good food, and your company; time spent with loved ones is so precious, and it can really be done any time of the year!
  1. Don’t Discount the Power of Flowers. This is a tried and true favorite – in fact, Mother’s day is one of the busiest days of the year for most florists (and with good reason). Surprising mom on Mother’s Day, and on any spontaneous day of the year, with her favorite flowers is a great way to spruce up her home and her spirit. Want to extend the gift beyond a bouquet that goes straight to the vase? Grab mom a flower or a plant that she can add to her garden!

flowers | 5 fun ways to make any day mothers day | skincare by alana | image skincare | lollia | mothers day

  1. Treat Her to a Salon/Spa Day. I don’t know any mother (myself included) who doesn’t absolutely love the gift of a Spa Day! Articulate what you think your mother would love (massage, haircut, facial, you name it) and surprise her with a gift certificate, or a spa day with her children (AKA: you and your siblings!). You can really tailor this to how you think your mom would like it – either a relaxing getaway she can indulge in for herself, or a day full of memories enjoying the spa with her kids. This is one of my favorite gifts (to give and receive) on Mother’s Day!
  1. Create a Spa in a Basket. You've seen those baskets and lovely buckets filled with beauty products, I'm sure. They're extremely popular and plentiful year-round, but seem to crop up much more around holidays like Mother's Day. They are often prepacked, which is great for convenience, but it is also always an option to fill a basket yourself, with items you know your mother would love! Sprinkle in a handful of her favorite treats, or go with a theme. I love the idea of a Spa Themed basket, as it allows mom to indulge in the “me time” of the spa, in the comfort of her home!

at home spa day | 5 fun ways to make any day mothers day | skincare by alana | image skincare | lollia | mothers day

  1. Find Gifts Mom Will Be Able to Use. My favorite types of gifts are the ones that I will actually use – and being a skin care professional, I quite naturally gravitate towards anything that will beautify or relax me! They do say the best gifts to give are the ones you would choose for yourself! Here are some wonderful options just about any mom can enjoy:

Bubble Bath: I love this option because it is something just about everybody enjoys, but also something people (mom’s especially) generally don’t do. After all, there are only so many hours in one day – and a shower tends to seem an easier, speedier option. Lollia’s Relax Evening Bubble Bath is a fantastic option for mom. It's truly a treat for the senses, featuring a rich, exotic aroma of lavender, bee blossom honey, and white orchids along with undertones of Indian amber and Tahitian vanilla. Plus, it comes in an elegant wine bottle, making it as pleasing on the eyes as it is on the senses! :)

• Eye Mask: This is the type of product your mom probably wouldn’t purchase for herself, but would definitely enjoy! These typically mimic a sheet mask, but for the eye area, and can deliver a host of benefits (from physical ones she can actually see, to a cooling and relaxing experience). The best part? These work for even the busiest moms, as they can slap them on and go about their business for the allotted time they are meant to be worn!

• Massage Oil: Husband’s and significant others, take note! If you don’t already have a massage oil in your home, now is the perfect time to gift some (plus a relaxing massage). An added bonus: a quality massage oil will allow mom to keep her skin moisturized and healthy year-round!

• Facial Mask: Much like the eye mask option above, facial masks are a wonderful option for moms who always seem to be in the middle of a task. One thing to note for this one: try to get hints from the mom in your life as to what skin type or concerns they might have, and when in doubt: ask an esthetician for something that will be “generally safe” for all skin types. Remember, what works for you might not work well for your mother, sister, or bestie! One of my personal favorites to gift out (and use for myself) is Image Skincare’s Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask, as it's perfect for nearly all skin types, and can even be worn overnight (for those mommies who avoid slapping on a mask for fear of forgetting and leaving it on).

While Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to show your mom how much you care, it is important to remember that any day can be Mother’s Day! Be it in May, November, or any month of the year. I’d love to hear from my readers: what are some of your favorite ways to treat mom on Mother's Day?

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