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10 Beauty Trends GUYS Love, Rope Em In!

Alana Mitchell, Licensed Esthetician, Day Spa Owner

You know the look. The one that reminds you every penny, every panicked outfit change, every exhausting minute of prep was ALL WORTH IT. His eyes find you and linger- a little shocked, a little nervous. You have literally made him melt. BINGO. Ditch the tips your older sister gave you and start using some male approved ones.

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Across the board guys flip for bedhead! Unfortunately, unless you are one of the few who were born with it, (in which case I hate you) a lot of effort goes into this effortless look. Skip it by sleeping on damp hair loosely pinned in a bun. In the morning, curl a few sections and finger-comb. I wish there was a magical product that could create this look!

Shimmer the Girls

Let’s be real, not all of us are blessed with Jennifer Anniston’s body, (or travel budget that allows for a year-round tan!) but we can steal her sun kissed secret! Lightly dust shimmer—NOT glitter—on the top of your décolletage, in the shape of a capital “T”. Trace bronzer around the inside of each breast to enhance your cleavage. Careful with this one ladies...you may get more attention than you want! I use the GloMinerals Body Glisten kit, its only $29, and it includes everything you need.


Seriously. SMILE! You’d be surprised how many women underuse this tactic! Ask any man- a killer smile will get his attention every time. Brighten up your grin with teeth whitener and a bright blush on the apples of your cheeks. I use some stuff from the drugstore and it works fine.

Glo Glisten Kit - Only $29

Bedroom Eyes

Guys are pretty simple- they like anything that reminds them of sex! Get a more subtle and sophisticated bedroom eye by swapping a navy eye shadow for black. Gently blend the color on your lid and lower lash line. I use La Bella Donna eyeshadows for this sort of effect, they have the best ingredients and widest array of color.

Kissable Lips

Lipstick is tricky when it comes to men. They love the look but often hate the product. Red lips will definitely catch his eye but he doesn’t want to end up wearing it. The trick to lasting lip color is in the layering. Apply a lip stain before and after your lipstick for an all night wear. I love GloMinerals line of lip stains, glosses, lipsticks, and much more.

Temporary Tattoo

Most Guys like a girl with a wild side. If your guys is not this way, skip to the next. If you aren’t the permanent ink type, try sporting a temporary tattoo for a night! And who are we kidding? It’s fun to be a little naughty sometimes. Henna works great, spice it up a bit!

Show Some Skin

A Walk down sunset strip (the high end part) in Hollywood will quickly show you that legs are in! Skin is skin and guys love it! Find a sexy dress that flatters your shape and pair it with smokin’ high heels. If you plan on showing some leg, (which I highly recommend) apply a self tanning lotion with a little shimmer in it. Use the Glo Glisten kit I recommend above, it includes a good self tanner, such a deal.

Do Dewy

Dewy skin looks youthful to men. Using a fan brush, start at the inner corner of the eye and apply a luminous highlighter in the shape of a “C”. Sweep it over the brow bone and onto your cheekbone on both sides. Apply a little to the bridge of your nose and chin. Wear a few false lash clusters at the outer corners of your eyes to complete the look.

Messy Bun

An unkempt bun is an all time fav for guys. Pull a few face-framing strands of hair from your bun and lightly curl them or part on the side to achieve a more romantic look.


A no-fuss girl is considered a jackpot to men. Win him over with a sweep of nude lip gloss and a spritz of your signature perfume behind the knees, ears and a little in your hair!

At the end of the day, the sexiest look of all is confidence. Whichever trend you are trying out, remind yourself you are beautiful inside and out and that will knock them dead!

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