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Ginger Extract

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About the Ingredient: Organic Ginger Extract

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What Is Organic Ginger Extract Used For? Ginger is a flowering plant identified by its narrow green leaves. It blooms yellow flowers annually. The plant is originally from the tropics and rain forests of South Asia, though it no longer grows wild. The root (ginger root) is what the plant is most widely known and used for.

As a food product, ginger is used very widely in cuisine in its many forms – fresh, dried, pickled, preserved, powdered, and others. Many South Asian countries incorporate it into their national dishes – among them India, Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines – but it can also be found in dishes from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern regions. It is known for its fragrance and hot, spicy flavor, but it makes a nice treat when candied (crystallized/candied ginger), and it can also be incorporated into beverages and sweet baked dishes.

It is also widely used in folk medicine and herbalism for its many benefits.

What Is the Definition of Organic Ginger Extract? Organic Ginger Extract (or Ginger Root Extract) is a concentrate made from ginger that has been harvested at least 9 months, as its potency increases the longer it ages.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Ginger Extract?

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Potential Antioxidant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Fades Scars
  • Combats Redness and Irritation
  • Increases Circulation
  • Deodorant
  • Alleviating Nausea/Morning Sickness
  • Alleviating Indigestion and Stomach Issues
  • Treating Muscle Pain and Soreness

What Is Organic Ginger Extract Used In? Oils, Toners/Mists, Creams

Esthetician Summary

What Is the Origin of Organic Ginger Extract? Ginger is a plant that has its origins in South Asia, though it no longer grows wild. Ginger is widely used in cuisine, folk medicine and herbalism. India is the largest producer of ginger in the world, and it has been used medicinally in that region for over 5000 years.

Cautions: While Organic Ginger Extract is usually good for all skin types, it may aggravate or irritate skin in extreme cases.

Products That Include Organic Ginger Extract: Alana Mitchell Foaming Pumpkin Cleanser