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About the Ingredient: Beeswax

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What Is Beeswax Used For? Traditionally, beeswax has been used to regulate a formula's consistency, such as making a cream thicker and easier to spread.

Beeswax forms a network over the skin, rather than a film. This serves as a protective barrier from environmental elements that holds in moisture, without clogging pores.

It is good for reducing dryness as beeswax is a humectant, which means it binds water molecules to the skin.

Beeswax is a good source of vitamin A, which improves hydration and the shedding of dead skin cells.

It also has a pleasant, all-natural, and light honey scent.

This is an excellent ingredient for sensitive or dry skin as it is anti-allergenic and easily tolerated.

What Is the Definition of Beeswax? Beeswax is extracted from honeycombs.

Bees secrete a wax from their glands and use it to make honeycombs, which serve as protection, for honey storage, and a place for baby bees to live.

It can vary in color. White beeswax has been bleached; unbleached beeswax is yellow.

What Are the Benefits of Beeswax?

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Enhances elasticity
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Softens skin
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Anti-bacterial

What Is Beeswax Used In? Moisturizers, Creams, Lotions, Pomades, Salves, Lip Balms, Lipsticks, Deodorants, Perfumes

Esthetician Summary

What Is the Origin of Beeswax? Beeswax is one of the oldest ingredients used in skincare.

The ancient Egyptians recognized its health benefits and also used it for mummification, sealing sarcophaguses, and preserving papyrus scrolls.

The ancient Chinese used beeswax for its anti-aging and beautifying properties, wound treatment, and in their diets.

Ancient Greek writers and orators such a Sophocles and Plato praised bees in their work.

These civilizations all used beeswax candles as well.

Cautions: While beeswax is usually good for all skin types, it may aggravate or irritate skin in extreme cases.

Products That Include Beeswax: Alana Mitchell Lip Repair Balm