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Avocado Oil

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About the Ingredient: Avocado Oil

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What Is Avocado Oil Used For? Avocado oil is the most effective oil in bringing active ingredients into the skin, and soothing enough even for sensitive skin. It can also increase collagen, keeping skin moist and smooth.

Naturally high in vitamin E, avocado oil helps to fight free radicals and combat signs of aging. It's also full of other great vitamins (like vitamin A and vitamin B, in addition to vitamin E) and has been studied in how it may help to improve the symptoms of skin conditions, like psoriasis.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can be used to help relieve swelling, pain and stiffness associated with muscles and joints. Due to these qualities, avocado oil may be used to treat minor skin ailments.

Recently, avocado oil has also become touted as a more healthy oil to use in cooking and food preparation, and countless recipes can be found by doing a simple search online. There are many different (and inexpensive) avocado oils on the market for uses in beauty and in the kitchen, but the best ones to look for are 100% pure and of the cold-pressed variety.

What Is the Definition of Avocado Oil? Avocado oil can come from ripe or dried avocados, and can be either expressed from the seed, extracted from the skin, or – more popular – extracted from a puree/pulp of the fruit itself.

What Are the Benefits of Avocado Oil?

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Moisturizing

What Is Avocado Oil Used In? Creams, Moisturizers, Lipsticks, Oils, Soaps

Esthetician Summary

What Is the Origin of Avocado Oil? Avocado trees are native to Latin America and South America, from Mexico to Peru. They were brought back to Europe from Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors, and first introduced to America only a couple of centuries ago by Mexico via trade in California – where it is now the official fruit of the state.

Cautions: While Avocado Oil is usually good for all skin types, it may aggravate or irritate skin in extreme cases. It is not advisable to use if you have an existing allergy to avocados.

Products That Include Avocado Oil: Alana Mitchell Night R1 Retinol Facial Oil