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With Tokyo Milk Parfum, the possibilities are endless.  Tokyo Milk fragrances blend floral notes, honey, and other botanical scents to create intoxicating aromas that will turn the noses of passers by!  Each uniquely packaged Parfum is as unique as you are, providing your skin with complementary blend of overtones and undertones that will intoxicate and arouse the senses.

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Toyko Milk


Whether you’re going for a dark, sexy aroma or a light, flowery scent, Tokyo Milk has a parfum perfect for you.  With over twenty options, you have plenty to choose from.  And because each scent is completely individual and unique, you’ll want them all.


Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy Parfum, their best seller, grabs the attention fo the opposite sex with romantic and ethereal notes of deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid, and ebony.  As the skull and crossbones on the package indicate, it truly is deadly!


If you’re going for something light and playful, try Let Them Eat Cake Parfum.  The coconut milk, sugarcane, and vanilla mix is perfect for daytime use to provide a playful, decadent scent.


From the subdued, earthy notes of tobacco to the overly sweet notes of sugar, the list of combinations and ingredients is too long to cover. 


Not only that, Tokyo Milk’s delicious Eau de Parfum offerings are incredibly affordable.  Gone are the day of spending hundreds of dollars on department store offerings that you’re not even sure you like.  Try Tokyo Milk perfumes for a fraction of the price while getting fragrances you love.  


Each Tokyo Milk perfume comes in a 1oz vial with a unique design that represents the essence of the scent.  Each stimulating image will grab the attention of your eyes before you open it up to enjoy the intoxicating aromas.  


Pick up Tokyo Milk Eau de Parfum today!  Try it yourself, or give it as a gift.


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