About Viviscal Hair Growth

Viviscal is the leading provider of hair loss treatment and growth supplements. For over 20 years, they have conducted clinical trials with proven efficacy that can be supported by seven scientific studies.

Viviscal Hair Growth and Hair Care Programs

The Viviscal Hair Growth and Hair Care Programs are the complete solution for those who want to improve hair thickness and hair volume. This drug-free program includes a variety of ways to nourish thinning hair and promote hair growth from the inside out that provide many benefits including a healthier scalp and length retention.

AminoMar® marine complex

Viviscal dietary supplements are the only supplements to contain the proprietary AminoMar® marine complex, plus a blend of vital nutrients that help with hair thinning and promote existing hair growth from within.

During the 1980s, a Scandinavian professor's discovery led to a one-of-a-kind product. His discovery began with studying the Inuit's diet of fish and rich proteins.

The creation of AminoMar began after the professor sequestered fundamental protein molecules found in the Inuits' diet. Since the professor’s discovery, Viviscal has been tried and tested globally.

How Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements work

Healthy hair growth is dependent on the health of your scalp and this starts with a clean, conditioned scalp. Oversytlying, heat, and hair dye can affect the health of your hair and scalp leading to breakage and excess shedding.

You should always ensure that you are taking care of both the internal and external environments by consuming nutritious food sources such as protein-rich foods, veggies, and fruits and supplements like Viviscal which help promote strong strands from deep within!

Viviscal supplements supply vital nutrients to the hair follicle, which prolongs its anagen phase and promotes existing growth.

The company's supplements have four different stages of growth, each one more powerful than the one before. 

Stage 1 - Anagen

The supplements help to feed hair follicles from within

Stage 2 - Catagen

The supplements work to strengthen and stimulate the growth of existing hair

Stage 3 - Exogen

The supplements encourage the growth of hair that has slowed in growing

Stage 4 - Telogen

Within this stage, hair is noticeably stronger, visibly healthier, and appears more vibrant

Customer Reviews

Viviscal Extra Strength Today, my hair is stronger, thicker, healthier than before. I recommend Viviscal to anyone wanting a proven drug free alternative to healthier hair growth. Thanks Viviscal!" - Adrienne

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Viviscal taste like?

Despite the Marine complex, fish oil, and natural orange flavor, the Viviscal pills don't have a fishy orange taste. Many users report that they do not have a particular taste at all and they are easy to swallow!

Where can I purchase Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements?

Search our online store, Buy Skin Care Products | Skincare by Alana, and shop for Viviscal products here! We are a proud authorized retailer and we only sell the best authentic Viviscal products on our site!

Do I need a prescription for Viviscal?

The Viviscal brand is a supplement company, you do not need a prescription to purchase any Viviscal product.

What is the difference between men's and women's Viviscal?

The main difference between men's and women's Viviscal hair growth vitamins is the addition of nutrients like biotin, niacin, and iron.

Does Viviscal make nails stronger?

Along with the ability to nourish healthy hair growth and improve thin hair, the Viviscal supplements have been known to increase nail strength.

Does Viviscal thicken hair?

The patented AminoMar Marine Complex combines nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, iron, horsetail extract, and biotin.

This combination nourishes thinning hair by improving hair thickness and promoting hair growth while reducing hair shedding.

How quickly does Viviscal work?

Viviscal™ Hair Growth works in four stages in a 6-month timeframe, however, most users can begin to see progress within 3-4 months.

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