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Here at Skincare by Alana, I am all about delivering the latest and greatest in skincare to my customers. Since no skin is created equal, I have made it my personal mission to offer a wide variety of products to accommodate the many skin types, concerns, and needs that I am faced with on a daily basis! How do I do this, you ask? By maintaining a large selection of top-selling, effective, hard-to-find products and product lines. When you partner with Skincare by Alana, you are partnering with her customer-base as well.

Each brand launch includes email, blog article, a press release, social media, YouTube, Facebook contest, homepage banner and unified launch efforts. My staff and I work hard to create awareness to thousands of new customers for each brand, utilizing our blogs, social media, and marketing efforts to endorse favorite products from new brands. We are also the first ecommerce beauty platform to offer live video chat, and the first in the market with an iPhone app., the top retailer for day spa makeup and skincare online

There are many things that set Skincare by Alana apart from competitors. The first of which is an online shopping destination where customers receive personal assistance in purchasing their favorite cosmetic products. Our goal is to provide a superior shopping experience by utilizing innovative forms of technology to interact with our customers. Essentially, we want to help women easily find and purchase products while creating a long-term personal relationship with them.

Most websites are structured to completely discourage personal interaction and phone calls. Phone calls, emails, and personal interaction are the core of Skincare by Alana’s business. This is part of what gives us our business a competitive edge.

Attract more customers to your skincare or makeup brand online

Attracting more customers to your skincare or makeup brand online is easy when partnering with Skincare by Alana. Our site alone experiences 50,000 unique hits per month and growing. We also have a large following via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, marketing emails and more!

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