Tokyo Milk Light And Soul No. 01 Parfum

Tokyo Milk Light And Soul No. 01 Parfum 1.6oz / 47ml

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Tokyo Milk Light And Soul No. 01

Product Description

Product Description

For those that love a sensual, yet light fragrance, allow us to introduce you to Tokyo Milk Light and Soul Parfum. 

This Tokyo Milk perfume is teeming with a feminine sweetness that will encapsulate you in air of entracing scent. Made from pressed Oolong tea leaves and bamboo reeds, it has the floral decadence of orchid flowers and white musk mixed in. The result is a crisp, darling perfume that will be like the first day of spring with every spray. 

There are few scents out there as endearing and captivating as Tokyo Milk light perfume is. 

Is Tokyo Milk Cruelty-Free? 

Yes! Tokyo Milk is cruelty-free and doesn’t harm any of your favorite furry friends in the process of making these beautiful scents. That means you can enjoy smelling great with little worries. Pretty sweet, right? (Pun intended).