Tokyo Milk Light Transformation No. 03 Parfum

Tokyo Milk Light Transformation No. 03 Parfum 1.6oz / 47ml

Item#: tokyo_milk_light_transformation

Tokyo Milk Light Transformation No. 03 Parfum smells of fresh Mandarin, tuberose and sensual amber with a touch of white clay.

Product Description

Product Description

If you’re looking for a scent that is both effortless and timeless, then you’re bound to love the natural essence of Tokyo Milk Light Transformation Perfume. Enveloped in a beautiful white bottle with gold accenting lies a world of floral notes mingling with earthy scents ready to dance on your skin. 

This perfume by Tokyo Milk is a lesson in balance. It’s not heavily made from florals and it’s not too musky, either. The Tokyo Milk perfume ingredients include fresh Mandarin, Tuberose and sensual Amber with a touch of White Clay. 

Tokyo Milk perfume 03 is a match for any age, and will wear well for all. Since the scent lasts, be sure to place a small amount on wrists and neck and let the compliments roll in. 

Where Is Tokyo Milk Made? 

Tokyo Milk products are made by Brand Author Margot Elena right here in the USA.