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Does your skin need relief? Have you been searching for a better skin product? If so, Medik8 USA is the product line for you.
Medik8 USA provides skincare with scientific roots. All of the skincare products designed by Medik8 USA are clinically researched and tested.
The products are formulated by highly qualified pharmacologists and dispensed by skincare experts like Skincare By Alana.


Introducing Medik 8 USA’s Advanced Skin Care Cosmetics


With a high tech biotechnology research facility, Medik8 USA produces a wide range of proven skincare solutions. The cosmeceuticals are formulated and designed for various skin types to treat the signs of hyperpigmentation, aging, dryness, redness and acne.
Medik8 USA skin products are free from harmful ingredients and are 100 percent safe to use. They are made out of biocompatible ingredients using green chemistry technologies. More importantly, Medik8 products are guaranteed to be 100 percent free from soap and harsh detergents. In addition, the products are manufactured without the use of skin-degrading chemicals such as SLES, Sulphate, SLS and Paraben. All the products are Environmental Group FSC approved.

The particular sensitivity of a person's skin will determine which Medik8 product is right for them. If sensitivity is high, even simple changes in cleansers or exfoliating powder can make the skin suffer. Moreover, increased sensitivity also makes the skin susceptible to irritation when exposed to certain cosmeceutical ingredients. Medik8 USA has taken all of these factors into account and has come up with skincare products that work on a broad spectrum on many different skin types. So a particular skincare product can be used by everyone without compromising its results. Medik8 USA has successfully achieved the challenge of producing less aggressive products by using active ingredients that are mild on the skin.

Medik8 USA products are readily available from SkinCare by Alana. We carry the most popular Medik8 products, like the Pretox Eye Lift, Red Alert, Dermaroller, Firewall, Hydr8 B5 and Pretox Filler. All the products are available at the best possible rates. Customers can also gain discounts after repeated purchases and each order comes with free shipping.

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