Alana Mitchell Skincare


Your Esthetician & Beauty Mate. Alana Mitchell Skincare was founded by none other than Alana Mitchell, herself!  A labor of love, the Alana Mitchell brand was created with the mission of uncovering your most beautiful skin through education. Alana's products are very results focused, delivering a fusion of scientific ingredients and the finest natural and  organic formulations on the market. Above all else, Alana’s mission is to deliver results-driven products that are safe and effective, so she can be transparent and honest when it comes to her products.

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"I believe my brand is the missing element in today's skincare world. I have seen so many products come and go, and have tried countless products. I see, hear, and feel what's missing. That is, a product line that: meets various consumers' needs, uses no-fluff ingredients, is results driven, and is education focused and unbiased. Basically, a brand that tries to help you find what's best for you (whether it comes from my product range, or another range altogether)." - Alana Mitchell, Founder of Alana Mitchell Skincare and SkinCare by Alana.

The Alana Mitchell Philosophy

As a medical esthetician who grew up in the Beauty Industry, Alana has always had a fascination with skin care ingredients and how they work on one’s skin. Her experience in working with different lines, some 100% organic, and others much more scientifically-rooted, inspired her to create the perfect balance. By using safe, yet highly effective scientific ingredients in her skin care range, and selecting natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. In addition to quality and results, Alana worked (and continues to work) very hard to create ingredient lists that she is not only proud of, but are easy to understand and informative for her clients. No more reading an ingredient list and wondering the function of those hard-to-pronounce anomalies!

Our History

Skin Care by Alana was born from the desire to deliver a hands-on, personalized, skin care experience. Forged from humble beginnings, Alana started her business in a 70 square foot room, on a laptop computer. Seeking to fill the needs of her clients, Alana sought to extend her spa expertise and create an online day spa, which at the time seemed virtually impossible. Now, 10 years later, Alana has been able to fulfill the needs of thousands of clients around the world. Her business has continued to grow organically over the last 10 years, and remains a very hands-on, privately owned company.

About Alana Mitchell & Her Product Line’s Beginnings.

Growing up in her parents beauty supply and hair salon in the early 80's, one could say that skincare is simply in Alana’s genes. Blessed with two beautiful boys, a loving husband, and a successful business, Alana is known for her positive nature and thankful good will. However, she is no stranger to life’s difficulties. She is a loving mother to a son with autism, in addition to being a business owner in an aggressive market. She works hard to do-it-all as a mother of two running a business. In basic terms – she is human, just like you!

Over the years the beauty industry took a shift from hair focused to an emerging skincare focus as baby boomers sought the fountain of youth. Being raised in the industry, Alana's inner esthetician blossomed in the burgeoning skincare world. As she continued to grow her own business, she began to notice misleading ingredient lists and false claims. It was with these realizations that Alana decided to create her own skin care line – one based on honesty, education, and transparency. Her goal is to educate and empower consumers to make smart decisions about what is best for their individual skin care needs, not for the masses. As a successful business owner and now product line founder, Alana has made it her goal to empower people not to spend a premium on marketing, but to focus on brands that deliver quality and results. Brands like her own, and many that she sells on her ecommerce store.

All of Alana’s products are made in small batches with high quality ingredients. Our team fills them by hand here in our Dana Point Day Spa, ensuring the highest level of quality, care, and cleanliness. We are so incredibly excited to introduce you to Alana Mitchell Skincare!